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Kindness is defined as “the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate.” It is having concern and respect for the feelings and needs of others. It is a heart word more than an action word, a small word, yet comes with a huge strength and impact.

I have seen it come naturally to some more than others, but we should always be eager to be kind and never have an excuse not to be.

God’s word tells us to put on a heart of kindness (Colossians 3:12). It’s like we have to dress our hearts with the outfit of kindness. I love how one of the first descriptions of God is found in the Bible is in Exodus 34:6, and it describes God as kind and compassionate, abounding in love. Oh, to be like Him, to reflect Him and have His heart that leans towards mercy and grace, compassion and kindness. It’s so easy to be kind to others who are kind back, but far more difficult to show and give kindness to others who are rude, disrespectful, unkind, and even underserving – or even worse, those who reject your kindness.

We recently went away with a couple who blew my socks off with their generosity and kindness. They went out of their way to show kindness to people who are often seen to be irritating, a nuisance or even a bother. They always chose to kindly greet and acknowledge those around them, and then lavishly bless them with a generous tip. From car guards to street cleaners, cashiers, and waitresses, all were seen and noticed. After that trip, I made the decision to be far kinder and more generous. My first few endeavours went really well. Then a few days later, I had just been to the shops for milk and bananas, and as I was driving out by the robots, there was a man kneeling in the middle of the road, begging. The only thing I had to give him were my bananas. So, I wound down my window and gestured for him to come and get them. He just shook his head. The robot went green, and I drove away absolutely flabbergasted, stunned and feeling quite insulted. Kind thoughts were not flowing through my head. “What a cheek! And he’s obviously not starving. How ungrateful is that man?!” were the thoughts running through my mind.

Then I felt a gentle rebuke from my Lord. What if the tables were turned, and I was the one begging and someone came and offered me a food that I disliked intensely, or even hated? Would I, too, say “No thanks…”? Most probably. I felt God say that I had no idea of his situation or circumstances. Showing kindness is not just in giving, but in your attitude and in your thoughts; it’s in your demeanour and body language too. So, smile. Whether accepted or rejected, keep on being kind.

God challenged me in that instant and then later with these questions:

Are my words kind?

Are my thoughts kind?

Do I give others the benefit of the doubt?

Am I kind in my summing up or reading of others, their situations and circumstances, their looks, and their attitudes?

Am I kind to a chosen select or to all, regardless of who and what they are?

Kindness is a fruit of the Spirit and love is shown in kindness, like 1 Corinthians 13:4 reminds us. So, clothe yourself in kindness. Show kindness. Be kind.



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