Heidi Strong

Pietermaritzburg, Kwa Zulu Natal

Heidi Strong… thru the eyes of Ed Strong...the most qualified person to comment.

So from the outside Heidi is this really pretty granny. Quite amazing for a woman with three grandchildren, four children and a high maintenance husband.

She is really easy on the eye and seems to get more lovely as the years go by. And when she laughs, smiles or gets a naughty twinkle in her eye...my world stops and lights up for a moment.


As a wife she is near faultless. She tries so hard to understand me which cannot be easy. She remains steady and constant whatever the outlook. She Invests so much in our covenant...always willing to try to change when it’s needed, quick to apologize, quick to forgive. And even if she wanted to she could not hold onto a grudge.


As for her being a mother...she has honest and deep relationships with all her children. None is complicated or tense. Her children can be utterly transparent and real with her. And if her daughters can be the mother and wife that she is...if her son can marry a woman like her...they will have done exceptionally well.

She has made our home both a beautiful place and an inviting haven. The constant flow of friends, family and church community through our front doors reveals the heart of a woman who cares and serves tirelessly. She has made our home reflect our heart.


As an individual she is simply whole. Her faith in God; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit runs deep and undemanding. He is...and she believes. 

This lady is just so stunning in her ‘normalness’. Her soul is the metronome of stability wrapped up in an honest, funny, at times uppity, occasionally teary, easy to please, sexy package called Heidi Strong

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