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1Tim 1:18 [NET]

I put this charge before you, Timothy my child, in keeping with the prophecies once spoken about you, in order that with such encouragement you may fight the good fight.

I was in prayer when the word “fight” was released in my spirit. And I was personally perplexed by it because I was not in any kind of dispute with anyone. So I thought, certainly this word is not for me. Therefore, I continued with my usual Bible reading and somehow, the book of 1 Timothy 1:18 caught my heart and I knew that the word I heard in prayer was clearly for me. As I was reading I realised that the Holy Spirit wanted me to be conscious about how I was approaching my life’s challenges. He was urging me, to have a different angle on how I was responding to my struggles. He was guiding me to have an understanding that, although I may not be in any physical fight, spiritually, we are on a battlefield and our opponent, satan, is ruthless and we need to be awoken in the faith to fight back.

The enemy uses every hardship and struggles to get to us, his intention is to stop us from accessing the promises God has for us. Paul warned believers, in the second book of Corinthians 2 verse 11, saying we need to be informed of the enemy’s tricks. So that we can prepare ourselves to fight a good fight of faith.

The most important thing for us to know when engaging in a fight of this sort is that we do not fight in the flesh. Unlike in a boxing match, we don’t use fists and physical punches, or rude words to terrorize our opponent, but our battle is in the spiritual realm and we need to engage spiritual weapons.

We should be aware of what the enemy is doing, and be wise to know how to use our faith to fight. We should know the battle plan so that we may not be like boxers who will punch the air but become intentional.

The scripture testifies that nothing in life comes easy. We are not exempted from trouble, as a matter of fact, Jesus said, in this world, we will suffer many kinds of attacks but we must not lose hope even in the midst of trouble because we know that we are overcomers (Read John 16:33 own emphasis added).

We see countless times in the word of God, how the children of God had to fight many battles to redeemed what’s theirs from the hands of their enemies. They had to face their enemies head-on to break free from oppression. They had to exercise their faith and believe that what God has promised them is for them. What made the Israelites access the promised land was their ability to fight and conquer their enemies (See Joshua 1:1-12;24). The same is true with us today, we would have to contend in the faith in order for us to break free from the snares of the enemy and live the life of abundance that Christ purchased for us.

In the opening text, the Apostle Paul is cautioning his spiritual son, Timothy, to use faith as a weapon in order to see the fulfilment of what was spoken over him and for him to lay hold of eternal life. Paul wanted Timothy not to lose sight of the real battle that is in the spiritual realm opposing every believer from accessing the promises of God but to become intentional in achieving all that God created him to be. When hard times strike, it’s not time to be timid, but hard times necessitates that we need to be bold and exercise our faith.

For us to win in this fight, we need to be active participants. We can’t access the things of God by being passive.

Just like David, we need to be ready to face our own Goliath and claim everything that the cross obtained for us. Sometimes when we are believing God for certain breakthroughs in our lives, that's when we see things becoming worse. It is only because the enemy always comes to nullify the Word of God. The Bible says that he comes immediately to steal the word and thus keeping us from experiencing the promises (See Mark 4:15). But that should not stop us, because if we do not stop we will surely see the manifestation of what we are trusting God for.

The word “fight” in the above text, is from the Greek word, agon, which is literally translated as; to content for a price, or to labour earnestly. It gives a sense of contending in a fight as an army would in a war. To keep on fighting till the end, and not to settle for less than what the Lord had spoken over our lives. To prepared to fight so that we can start to see the fruit of what I was believing God for. Whatever word you have received from the Lord, or prophecies spoken over you, you should be expectant to see them come to pass.

Any professional fighter would tell you that when they prepare for a fight, they need to take time and study their opponents and their methods. The most important thing to do is, they need to intensively exercise and know their angle of approach. They also need the best coach, who is experienced in the field, to coach and direct them. And finally, they need to be ready to use all they have been taught to defend themselves and defeat their opponent so as to win the fight.

When we become aware of the devices the enemy uses to attack us, we can know which weapons to use to wage war against him. The reason why we come short of accessing the abundant life Christ came to give us, is because ignorance has a major role to play in us being defeated. Ignorance of the truth of the word of God gives the enemy access to exploit us. The enemy has specific areas that he pokes, he grips you with enticements and makes you surrender to the lust of the flesh. If you know his points of entry, you’ll know which doors to close, to deny him access. The same tactics he used to defeat Adam and Eve, he still uses even today.

The greatest display of a fight between the kingdom of darkness and that of light happened in the garden of Eden and ended in Golgotha. Where Christ Jesus faced an excruciating fight, to redeem us to God and destroy the works of the devil. Christ knew the enemy, he knew his tactics and never at once did he stop fighting him. He used the sword of the spirit which is the word of God to fight back.

The enemy poked him at the dessert, he enticed him with riches, he wanted Jesus to satisfy the hunger of his flesh, but Christ always used spiritual weapons to fight him. And because of that, He won and is now glorified.

We shouldn’t be scared to take up our position, God has already dressed us for the battle.

(Eph 6:11 [NET]) Clothe yourselves with the full armour of God so that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil.

The wiles of the enemy are the thoughts that are constantly buffeting our minds with accusations, or the attacks that we sometimes experience in our physical bodies or surroundings. The only way to win over the enemy is to wear our crown of victory- the helmet of salvation and not succumb to his lies and terror. God has never left us to face the enemy alone, He has put in place the weapons at our disposal.

2Cor 10:4 [KJV]) For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.

Make a resolve to fight and prepare yourself for the battle and use the weapons God has given you (See 2Cor 10:4-5).

Use the sword, which is the word- a good confession can dismantle the powers of darkness. We should know that God is with us on the battlefield, leading us and directing us. We are protected. Our faith is our shield. Nothing that the enemy can ever do will ever be able to penetrate us unless if we allow him access. Our thoughts should be ruled and governed by God’s word and always know that our salvation keeps us in a sound mind. Learn what benefit every part of the armour gives you and use that to fight hard times out of your life. This type of fight, you’ll engage in, will require you to fight for your life- the abundant life that God has promised you. To fight out of poverty, to fight out of fear, to fight out of insecurities, to fight out of sicknesses, to fight out of addictions, and all the things that keep you from living in the fullness of what the cross attain for you. You don’t have to be the strongest or the greatest fighter to win, you only need to have faith, and it can be as small as a mustard seed (Matt 17:20). If you’d faithfully apply the word and use the weapons effectively, you too can fight and destroy your giant. Through Christ Jesus, we have been given all the power and all authority. The victory is already ours! (1Cor 15:57).

Keep Fighting

Mpho Thulo

Women of Reverence welcomes Mpho Thulo as a guest blogger.

Hi, I’m Mpho Thulo, here to be your companion in this journey of faith. I like to consider myself as a woman who found purpose in Jesus, from East London, South Africa. I am a wife and a mother of 5 children- a blessed and blended family.

I've created this space ( to share with you my life's experiences, faith lessons, and an encounter with God that changed the trajectory of my life. I hope to share with you principles of the Kingdom of God that will help you recognize and understand your truest calling. More especially, to learn how you can develop your God-given abilities for the purposes of God.

I’m an Author, of my newest book- Called Out -; form divination to a divine encounter. A spiritual memoir on how I broke free from idolatry through having a life-altering encounter with God.

I’m a writer, and I started writing since 2014- up to this day, my articles can be read from Myfaith magazine, JOY digital magazine, and Lady Rose magazine. And also my story was featured on Your New Life Journey a discipleship book by Real Series. The Name of the Lord Jesus was glorified as two News Papers, one circular- Daily Dispatched and our very own Christian newspaper- GateWayNews, captured my story on their reputable publications.

I love encouraging and coaching individuals on how to learn biblical strategies that will help them win in life. I have facilitated and taught biblical principle at various group settings, Church conferences, gatherings and radio interviews. Catch my podcast, the Empowerment Sessions with Mpho Thulo.

A podcast that is full of faith-building messages and inspiration were we share principles of the kingdom of God applicable to our lives today that will help us succeed and win in life, without compromising our values.

I hope by tuning in you’ll be inspired, to build your faith, to develop an intimate relationship with God and to know and understand the call of God in your life.

I, together with my husband, founded Touch A Life Foundation (T.A.L.F), a non-profit organization with a holistic approach to the upliftment of underprivileged individual in our communities.

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