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John 1:1-5 (CEB): “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. The Word was with God in the beginning. Everything came into being through the Word, and without the Word nothing came into being. What came into being through the Word was life, and the life was the light for all people. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness doesn’t extinguish the light.”

We are often told that kids come with no manual, but this is so far from the truth. As believers, we are given a handbook on how to raise our kids, The Holy Bible. This is our blueprint that has every answer we would ever need to partner with God and raise the next generation.

Furthermore, we have the Holy Spirit who comes alongside us to teach, guide, strengthen and lead us as parents. God is the perfect parent, the good Father, and He has given us the Holy Spirit as a helper to do this life. We are not alone as parents; we have the Holy Spirit.

As a mother of two daughters (one a young adult) I have been using the Word of God and I can attest to the fact that had it not been for the Word, I would have been hopeless in raising my kids because of the pressures of life and us living in such an evil day.

How do we use the Word to raise our kids?

1) Read the Word. As parents, we need to be in the Word, reading and studying it daily. As we do this, the Holy Spirit will reveal to us passages of scripture that we need for the current situation that we may be facing. (John 14:26).

2) Meditate on the Word. We often focus on the situation or the trouble at home with our kids. We also focus on the world and its solution for our kids. We need to meditate on the Word, instead of the world, so that we can renew our minds and birth life into dead situations. (Joshua 1:8).

3) Speak the Word. Nothing has been more powerful in my life than speaking God’s Word over myself and my kids, placing God in remembrance of His promises to me and my kids. (Numbers 14:28).

4) Do the Word. The hardest part is putting the Word into action. As a parent, I need to do the Word. When the Word says forgive, I need to forgive. When the Word says love, I need to love. When the Word says discipline, I need to discipline. (Matt 7:24).

The Benefits of the Word in Parenting:

1) The Word speaks life.

There are many situations we go through with our kids: addictions, wrong mindsets, demonic spirits, rebellion, sickness and learning challenges. And at times it may look dark, like there is no way out. The spoken Word is alive and active, and God says that His Word will not return void, therefore we can be confident that the Word will bring life, no matter what the situation is.

2) The Word speaks guidance.

There is no other book that has as much wisdom as the Bible. No matter the situation, there is always a scripture to guide us, as parents, on how to handle the matter. I read about the prodigal son and how the father allowed him to take his inheritance and bear the consequences of his actions. When he came to his senses (mindset shift – right thinking) the father welcomed and loved on his son. This account can guide us to allow our kids to face the consequences of their decisions, rather than rescuing them and them not learning the lesson of sowing and reaping, and taking responsibility for their actions.

3) The Word speaks strength.

Almost every parent I know is asking for more strength to face the pressures of parenting. The Word gives strength to parents. When we read and meditate on the Word, a supernatural strength arises within us to persevere, and the Word spoken over our kids empowers them and convicts them. When I speak and declare 2 Tim 1:7 over my child, every spirit of fear trembles and power, love and a sound mind start to rest upon my child.

4) The Word speaks peace.

We live in a world of utter confusion. Kids are confused about their identity, their sexuality, their ability, their purpose. We can also become confused, worried and anxious about our kids and their futures. Will my child pass this grade? Will my child get acceptance into university? Will my child marry well? We can use the Word of God to bring peace to all these concerning thoughts, as we speak the promises of God.

5) The Word speaks hope.

As parents, we sometimes feel hopeless; we may feel like a failure. Maybe you are unable to provide certain things for your child or you cannot help them break free from strongholds. The Word gives us hope that we can ask God; we can call upon God to help in a time of need, and He will answer.

6) The Word speaks freedom.

We live in a world where we sometimes feel so trapped; we feel pressurised to operate in a certain way to gain the acceptance of man, and the acceptance of our kids, their friends and other parents. Our children are also facing this pressure where they feel like they need to conform to the world's ways to be accepted, to succeed according to the world’s definition. The Word brings freedom and liberty. When we speak the Word over our kids, every chain of bondage must obey and break; our kids start to see the light and experience truth. It may be immediate, it may take time, but one thing I do know is that the Word never fails.

Today, I challenge you to partner with God and allow His Word to influence your parenting style. May our kids grow up to be women and men of THE WORD.


Coach Joanne

Women of Reverence welcomes guest contributor Joanne Govender.

I am Joanne Govender, married and mother of 2 daughters. I work in the Financial Services Industry. I am a Christian Life Coach and a Support Counsellor. I am passionate about empowering and impacting women to live the abundant life God has promised us in John 10:10. I host a weekly Online Ladies Bible study group and I love teaching and sharing the Word of God.

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