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Love By Priyanka Naidoo

I love those shoes!

Avo is my favourite, I simply love it.

We love things and have certain preferences for food and clothes. Why is it that these things satisfy us only for a short time. And we are always longing for more.

The love that we seek and yearn for is the deep feeling of belonging, connection and recognition.

We spend our teenage lives obsessing about whether will have someone like us. And early adulthood is where we possibly fall in love and give our hearts and souls. After the first breakup, you are shattered and think, will someone love me again?

And the truth is, looking back on the chronicles of love, love can be hard, hurt, hurl insults, be self seeking – so was this love?

When I met my husband, it was really love at first dance. We knew that the connection was something that only God could have made because it was so different.

Being together for 15 years, I can now say Yes, God was in the middle of meeting my wonderful husband. Growing together and building a life together is what was exciting and we knew that more than anything, true that love requires sacrifice.

And Jesus is the perfect example of this.

The greatest love story ever written is one that God wrote, He wrote for us.

He sent His son to earth to demonstrate what perfect love is. Jesus came as a humble servant, to transform humanity. To show us the way and pay the price of sin and death so that we will live free and have complete union with God and live full of the spirit to do on earth as is in heaven.

Our Heavenly Father loves us with an everlasting love that in Romans 8:39 it reminds us of this magnitude of love that neither height or depth, nor nothing else from creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus himself.

I don’t know about you, but this makes me excited. It makes me feel so safe! That no matter what happens in this life, there is nothing that can ever cause God’s love to escape me.

This is an absolute truth that we can rest our lives on.

No matter how unworthy you feel.

No matter how badly you need to make things right.

No matter how much you need to change your life.

No matter how long you have been disconnected from God


And its not the kind love that changes with preference or feeling, it is an everlasting love! The kind of love that we all yearn to feel and have in our lives.

And when you know this absolute truth and start to believe that you are loved so completely, just as you are – this belief becomes engrained in your DNA. It’s who you are! You were perfectly created by the God of the universe.

No matter where you find yourself, you can have hope in knowing the truth of what perfect loves means. It does not require good deeds or works, but it requires a heart that is hungry and receptive to Jesus.

A heart that longs for more and knows that perfection is not attainable in self but in surrender.


The book “The 5 love language by Dr Gary Chapman is one of the highest selling books on love. Why is there a need for people to learn how to love right? It’s because we all have a unique make up that requires special care and attention.

This book helps us unpack ours and our loved ones love languages and how to get it right. While the book can be tremendously helpful. The foundation is set seamlessly by Jesus when he says, Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth – 1 John 3:18.

Those actions require, dedication and focus, sacrifice and towards yourself and those you love.

This is called Agape Love:

Agape love is the love commands us to give. Agape love is a choice.

Such love is also reflected to us when we practice and put in action the fruits of the spirit found in Galatians 5.


We all want one thing from life, that to love and to be loved in return. This can take various forms like finding a spouse and companionship, a mother and child, a love and passion for community and making a difference in others lives. The ability extend yourself without expectation – that’s where sacrificial loves comes in. And most of us as mothers and partners know that its those days that don’t feel very loving that are carried by the promise and knowing of innate belonging and care.

This is the love that God models for us and engrains in us when we welcome it.

And the most amazing things is that we get to resemble that love in our lives.

The power of love

It heals



True love never fails.

The fact is there is nothing love cannot face. There is no limit to its power. And when you allow yourself to tap into that power and receive the endless and all encompassing love of God, you will feel a fullness that no one and nothing on earth can fill.

There’s is a all encompassing banner that surrounds you when you start to live out the love that God has for you. God’s love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things.

There is a perfect plan that will be fulfilled as God’s plan for our lives and eternity come to pass. Until such time, we have the power within ourselves and the army of Christ to live out God’s love. Small acts of unwavering faith and love changes our hearts and will impact those around us. And just like a ripple effect we get to taste and see that HE is good. And that’s how we manifest the living word and love of God in our daily lives.

Whatever the desires of your heart and your soul my prayer for you is that as you journey this life, with all its twists and turns that you will find rest in knowing the one and only love that surpasses knowledge and understanding – that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness and peace of God.

Be blessed, all my love


The Awake Mama

Women Of Reverence welcomes guest blogger Priyanka Naidoo:

Priyanka Naidoo a wife and mum to a 4 year old girl and a baby boy in heaven. She is a lawyer and life coach.

Her heart for Jesus is what she wants to be known for and she has a platform that she uses to advocate for Christ and her healing and purpose through him.

Pri can be found at

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