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Divine Inspiration by Mpho Thulo

The word of God is a well of inspiration. Generation after generation, kings and kingdoms, nations and tribes have drawn inspiration from this well. Many were inspired divinely by God to build great establishments, attain transformation of the mind and soul and acquire great leadership skills.

When God wanted to inspire humanity, He sent inspiration through His Word. It is because of this, that kings and commoners alike were all inspired to do greater things for His glory. After many centuries, this divine inspiration still transforms lives to this day.

If you take a closer look at the life of Solomon, you’ll be inspired by how he led his life as a young king, inspired to build the greatest structure handed to him by his father David (1 Kings 4:29-34, 2 Chronicles 1-3, 2 Chronicles 1:11). He inquired of the Lord and he received wisdom and aspirations from Him. What I love about him is that, although he was inspired to build the most extravagant establishment for God, he noticed that he could not do it in his own strength or abilities. For him to be able to follow accurately the template as his father gave him, he needed a supernatural encounter with the Lord - the God of all inspiration. Solomon later became the wealthiest king to ever reign, only because he recognised that for him to fulfil his assignment, he needed God's help.

Just one spark of inspiration has the power to bring dreams to reality. Just one divine revelation can become a train of thought into which visions can be realised.

More often than not, people miss their God-given inspiration because they do not spend enough time with the Lord, to seek wisdom and understanding from Him to bring to fruition what they are inspired to do. The truth is, an inspiration that doesn't line up with the will of God for humanity will surely bring detrimental results. When we fail to draw from the well that is Christ, to build visions inspired by His word, we would automatically detach from the purposes that God has ordained for us.

For us to fulfil the mandate of the Kingdom of God, we need to be like Solomon: to first and foremost; inquire of the Lord, secondly dedicate time to worshipping God, and last but not least to bring our desires and our supplications before Him.

To seek God’s counsel and to ask wisdom that only comes from having intimacy with Him. In that way we will follow the instruction and the blueprint that God has given us, to do His will and fulfil His purposes.

We have seen and noticed in the accounts of the people who were building the Tower of Babel that inspiration can be tainted by sin, false desires and corruption (See Genesis 11:1–9). Especially, if God was not consulted nor honoured. The Bible recalls that these people were inspired to build a structure that will intently reach heaven—a structure that was supposed to be a mankind marvel. They carnally started to build but what they were building was a sign of dishonour and rebellion unto God. If you look closely, you’ll realise that these people were not inspired by God in the first place to build such a structure. They took matters into their own hands, devising their wicked way in how to enter heaven. They didn't ask for wisdom and direction from God to build this kind of establishment; they used their understanding and relied upon their intellect. The Bible mentions something very disturbing that I believe comes as a warning to us, that is, their inspiration highlighted the sin of rebellion to God. They drew inspiration from their fleshly desires and decided not to involve God in what they were intending to do.

Subsequently, what they wanted to accomplish was not ordained by God and because of this reason, they self-destructed and confusion settled in their hearts. Anything that doesn’t line up with the will of God for all mankind, will not stand. God will never bless what He has never ordained. The truth is God can see beyond the human physical form, and He can know the motives of the hearts. When we try to do our own thing, not involving God, trying to help ourselves or figure out life without being obedient to His commandments and the leading of the Holy Spirit, we will surely fall flat on our faces and whatever we are intending to do will derail us form the protection and the covering of the Lord.

The story of the Tower of Babel shows us that many influences can creep in as inspiration. That is why we need to be vigilant and filter every inspiration with the Word of God. To discern if what we are inspired to do, truly lines up with the eternal purposes of God and His Kingdom. An inspiration that is drawn from our own strength and our own abilities will always fall short because mankind's devices are not enough to fulfil the heavenly assignments. For us to build establishments and structures that will transcend to generations and inspire others to continue building, we need God. We need to spend time with him in prayer, in worship and service to Him. Solomon is our greatest example, in that he completed, to the detail everything that God gave to his father David. And that vision transcended as a legacy to him and the generation after him. We need to understand that we serve a generational God, therefore what we are inspired to do, needs to have a legacy tied to it or else we will fail the generation coming after us.

It is my prayer that we will start to apply the principles of God as it is written down for us in scripture. To devote ourselves to worship, fasting and prayer in order for us to get rid of any kind of hindrances and inspiration that is tainted by sin. To seek the face of God and allow His Word to brighten our path to the destiny that He has planned for us. When we can become one spirit with Him, we shall surely start building what He has assigned us to build for this generation and the one to come.

With Love


Women of Reverence welcomes Mpho Thulo as a guest contributor.

Mpho J. Thulo is a South African born and a follower of Jesus Christ. She holds an International Diploma in Divinity. She is an author of her debut book, Called Out and aMagazine Column writer. She is passionate about writing inspirational articles and faith building blogs. Some of her work can be read from, Lady Rose Magazine, MyFaith Magazine, Women of Reverence and Faith Daily Devotional.

She eagerly testifies how she encountered God, hoping to share the Good News with those who are on their quest to find spiritual wholeness using Biblical principles.

Furthermore, her testimony can be read in Your New Life Journey (RealDeal Trust, 2017 & 2019), JOY! Digital Magazine (July, 2018) and has been aired on Turning Point International (TPI) via Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) Africa. As part of her service to the Lord, Mpho teaches Bible Studies at her home church. She is the host of the Empowerment Sessions Podcast with Mpho and Guests, a podcast dedicated to empower listeners with real life stories. She aspires to continue writing articles and books that will resemble the lives of women and men who have overcome extreme difficulties to fulfill their calling and be delivered from all kinds of spiritual and physical bondages. Together with her husband, John, Mpho is committed to reaching the unreached and unchurched with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are parents of five children and make their home in East London, South Africa. When she is not pursuing her career endeavours, Mpho enjoys cooking, reading, going to the beach with the kids and spending quality time with her husband and the company of friends.

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