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A King Worthy of Praise, Honour, and Glorious Worship

There is a King; His name is Jesus: He is unlike any king you could have known before. He has a castle in the sky, and rides on a white stallion! He is mighty, a warrior and conqueror of worlds. He is creator, and creates, He is King and servant; indeed, He is everything. Everything that matters, everything that is pure, beautiful, and holy! He is everything you could ever want or need – in Him, you lack nothing. He is King Jesus.

He is one that is God, yet took on Himself the nature of man; yes, the stuff of legends, but no legend for sure – mystical indeed, but known, made Known. He has a name! Yeshua, Jesús, Jesus, Yahweh, Prince of Peace! God Almighty, commander of Heaven’s army, Friend of sinners, Righteous Judge! Blessed is the name of the King. Hail King Jesus, to whom all honour and praise belong! Every tongue in heaven and on earth will confess, every knee will bow.

How vast are the thoughts of our God, yet He is mindful of us, faithful to cleanse us from all unrighteousness when we repent of our sins. Will the God of mercy, who is slow to anger and compassionate, turn away a broken, downcast man, who mourns over his death, who suffers for the sake of his inability to be better, to be good or holy in any sense of the word? Definitely not! Holy is the name of Jesus over all creation. He is to be worshipped, Lion of Judah, the perfect Lamb of God!

I have walked with Jesus, a long road to where I am. Over mountains and in the valley of the shadow of death, there He hid me under His wing. His eye was on me all the time; He went with me – His word was and still is a lamp unto my feet. Even in my running away in the steps of Jonah, disobedient to my Creator, to the calling of His voice, yes, in the depth as death swallowed me, Jesus brought me light. Oh, Hail King Jesus, worthy is He to be praised! With my arms stretched out, hands wide open, my mouth gasping for the last bit of air I could get, Jesus came to me, and saved me instead. I have no temple at all to build; He has done it all. I have no burnt offerings, for He has sacrificed it all. I have no taste of eternal death, the bitter fear that strangles at night, For He has conquered it. Yes, The King Lives! It is the good news! His victory over the death my sin had wrought, the sin of Adam who is my sin also, the sin of Eve with whom I share all guilt. Jesus has saved us, He has delivered us and brought His Kingdom near. What a wonderous thing to think, a thing to know, that I can be part of His Kingdom. What a marvellous story indeed, a tale all too true! All worship the Lord of Lords, the Great I Am, the One who Is, who Was, and Will be forevermore. Holy is the ground when I meet with my God, when I lay face to the floor and my deepest depth cries out to Him – how sweet when He meets me there. I wish only to stay with Him: His presence is sweet, like a quiet walk in the garden, the smell of jasmine flowers in the spring, water fountains, birds’ song as day breaks and all the leaves that move as the wind weaves through them. He is as glorious as the sunrise over the vastness of the valley or the oceans wide!

How glorious is my King Jesus, how sweet is His name!

He deserves our awe; He deserves our praise! It is our privilege to worship the King!

Kiss His ring; sit at His feet. If I could, I would pour my finest oil over his feet, wipe it down with my hair and give unto Him every worry and care, because He alone can bear, that truth we see when into death we glare! He paid it all, that alone is too much for me. I am left with no words to speak, only lamenting from the depths of myself, crying, speaking in utterings almost painful as I yearn for my love, my King. I cannot speak, but a melody I can sing! I exalt thee, I exalt thee, oh Lord! Blessed be the Name of the Lord, blessed be His glorious name. Blessing and honour, glory and power be unto the Ancient of Days. Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound! Yes, songs and utterings, mindful prayers, He deserves them all!

If you need Him, call upon His name. He is a good God, not a man that He should lie – He is faithful, and has created you with purpose and meaning, to know Him and be known by Him, to make Him known. Yes, He desires for all men to be saved. Bow down, stretch out your hands, call on His name. Repent unto the King of Kings, the One who created all things seen and unseen! He is King Jesus, merciful and gracious, He will surely not fail you, leave you or forsake you. Seek Him and you will find Him.

Glory, worship, honour and glorious praise be unto the Risen King of the universe, Jesus, Son of God, Son of Man, Messiah, Lion, and the Lamb, the Holy Great I Am!



Welcome Nadia Olivier our guest contributor.

Nadia Olivier is a wife, mother to two beautiful children and a founder of Lioness Apologetics.

Lioness Apologetics is a ministry that’s been birthed from my own deconstruction story. Between 2020 and 2021 the world I knew, vanished, along with all my sense of what the world was. I know the world better now because I know my creator better. My king lives and I know now, thanks to apologetics, that is a completely and historically verifiable truth. Lioness Apologetics is my heart’s desire to bring Christian apologetics into families, in an easy and understandable way. We can and we should teach our kids that Jesus is really THE WAY, THE TRUTH, and THE LIFE.

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