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Women of Reverence welcomes Nicky Goodfellow as a guest blogger.

Nicky is a wife to Mark Goodfellow and together a blessed with a son and daughter. God has also blessed them with Connie and Claude both adopted into their family as a son and daughter.

Nicky and Mark lead Church on the Way in Modderfontein. They have the honour and privilege to part of the NCMI Global Apostolic Team. Nicky loves people & coffee.

What Spring means to me is that Jesus is Enough!

Winter has been a time to sort out character issues for me, to reflect so that I am ready emotionally, physically and spiritually for Spring, to leave the old behind, the past, the stench of the things that cause death. Roots are to be axed to see fruit in Spring.

We were blessed by the Lord with twins Andrew and Kayla who are such blessings and will be almost 19 years old in SPRING. They are God’s fulfilled promise to us. Even after a burst appendix for 16 hours, I fell pregnant with twins – it was a miracle! God remained faithful to HIS promise! Even when we aren't, He remains faithful.

God, in his great mercy, saved my life at the birth of our children, with much prayer.

I didn't pause and wait and inquire of God with every decision. I stuck with a doctor Mark and I were advised to go to. I did not take note of what my body was telling me in the busyness of life and I believed everything was ok; the Doctor said all was fine. I didn’t look after this earthy temple.

So much pain could have been avoided by being alert, loving myself and listening to Jesus.

After the birth of the twins by c-section, I had to be given many pints of blood; my body went into anaphylactic shock. Thank you Jesus You shed your blood to save me. We should treasure the promises He has given us and look after them until they are birthed, enjoying our inheritance. However, I survived, not thrived. We can't be carnal but we must be alert and at war, holding onto these promises we have in Christ. When He becomes everything, our lives become full of His life again. Jesus is more than enough.

More recently, I have thanked God for His promises after a diagnosis of temporal lobe epilepsy, depression, anxiety, memory loss, fatigue, a label of brain damage and horrid medication.

I'm learning to trust Jesus, not man and medicine, to be transformed by the renewing of my mind.

I will believe what Jesus says about me. I am trusting for my brain’s complete healing.

Please forgive me for those whom I have hurt and have seen me not living a life abiding in Christ.

For the pain my family, parents, siblings, friends and church have endured – I am so sorry. Most importantly of all, I have repented to Jesus. Now it’s time to walk in His forgiveness and freedom.

Oh, how I can relate to Peter, putting my foot into it! May You, Jesus, do what you need to do so I can be a bride ready.

I am reminded of the cracked pot with its water spilling on the sidewalk and the flowers blossoming because of it. He uses broken vessels. Jesus was broken so that we are made whole. Civilian affairs need to be left behind and we need to give attention to Jesus, giving Him His rightful place. We dream of radical conversions and disciples. Spring is coming: new life, new babies being born, discipled and sent out to do the same with others.

My favourite Spring flower is the sweet pea. My Dad was renowned for his sweet peas in Boksburg. Massive walls were covered with their beauty! The aroma and colours were just gorgeous. These sweet peas are planted in March; they endure a hard winter. They need to be watered well. In the darkest place of lockdown, in Spring, these magnificent flowers will appear.

I remember everyone came and picked and picked my Dad’s sweet peas – the more one picks them, the more they produce! Let's be like these flowers: they need to be trellised and strung to grow up tall. Everything we do must be done in Him, Him in us, to live on earth but eternally- minded. Everything apart from Him is nothing; we need to believe His word. Let's grow tall in Him, blooming for Him, all for His glory. I want to be living each day walking in His Presence, not a “yesterday's lady.” I prefer not to be a pillar of salt, but rather light and salt to the world.

We need to be walking in divine health, wisdom and contending for healing. We need to be heartbroken for those who have lost loved ones. Because He first loved us, we need to love one another as we love ourselves. See each other through Father God’s eyes.

We want to be living an abundant life enjoying YOU, Jesus, making You known and partnering with the Holy Spirit. We enjoy Jesus in every season but we are excited for Spring (Hebrews 12 vs 1 – 3)!

Be Blessed


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