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Name of Book: God's message for each day Author: Eugene H. Peterson

Women of Reverence would like to thank Ntombi for her book review. See Below.

Few Christian writers today bring scriptural truth into everyday life like Eugene Peterson. As the creator of The Message series, the 20-million-selling translation of the Bible in

contemporary idioms, Peterson has helped overly-familiar passages to be rediscovered in surprising newness. Now he brings some of his most thought-provoking meditations into a concise and captivating collection of daily devotions.

Published by Thomas Nelson distributed by Struik Christian Media.

Reviewed by:

Ntombi Thamba

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I am mother to one daughter. I work in the health industry as a counsellor. I serve as a Deacon & Worship Leader at Gateway City Church, Alexandra Township, Johannesburg. I am enjoy travelling, reading and going out with my close friends.

What drew you to read this book:

I was attracted by the title of the book that was written in beautiful colors. Even the massage from the book that reads "Wisdom from the word of God" drew my attention, I love devotions they keep me going for the day.

What impact did this book have:

When I read this book daily it always has a massage that I can relate to. I believe this book was personally written for me because it enlightens my mood and motivates me.

In a paragraph, what is the main point:

It teaches me more about the word of God and how to pursue the word. In each and every devotion there is a scripture and a verse that is explained briefly so that I understand more.

Who would benefit from reading:

I believe everyone whether young or old can benefit from this book. Especially those who want to grow closer to God.

Star Rating?:


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