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Grinning with Gratitude by Debi Jones

Oh my gosh, the Lord alone knows how to make me laugh out loud - like good and proper! He has this way of "hugging" me tight with unexpected JOY-filled surprises that can at times, reduce me to tears of inexpressible gratitude and the praise of His name.

During a time when I was trying to get my head around some really painful news, the Lord saw fit to bless me, most unexpectedly. It was like He was saying to me "I've got you Debs... I'm in control of every single little detail in your life and just you remember that, OK?" I realised afresh that I don't do life with a sense of entitlement, so it touched a very deep part of my being when something as generous and overwhelming, enveloped me as unexpectedly as did this “hug” from His heart to mine.

January 2021: A life defining "GRATITUDE filled surprise" from my Heavenly Father.

I received an email from the Couples Institute in the States, in response to an email I'd sent them earlier. They had advertised a Couples Therapy Training Programme, that had so excited me, I would have signed up immediately had it not been for the exchange rate which made it prohibitively expensive. I laid the dream down.

However, I felt such heartfelt gratitude for the breadth of knowledge I had gained from the training I had been able to participate in, I emailed to say that whilst I wasn't able to sign up for their formal training programme, I was indescribably APPRECIATIVE for the massive role they'd played in expanding my understanding of how and where so many relationships get stuck developmentally. The invigorating thrill of learning how better to serve couples and give them hope whilst keeping them moving forward was inexpressible meaningful for me. I thanked them for the insight I'd gained in an area of life, I'm completely and utterly passionate about - which is working with couples and families. The words poured out from my soul, as I honoured them sincerely. I pressed send and didn't give it another thought.

Unbeknown to me, an administrator "somehow" come across my mail and personally forwarded it to the founders of the Institute, a reputable Institution of 30 years, started by two Doctors who pioneered the Bayder - Pearson Model of Couple Therapy, now used by so many psychologists, counsellors and therapists across the world. In their email to me, Dr Bayder said they were moved by my email and wanted to personally offer me the opportunity to train with them! Whaaaaat!!!!? This was a sponsorship investment towards my lifelong commitment to see long term relationships flourish, besides the obvious joy I had derived from helping couples during the course of 35 years in ministry.

Well, talk about a modern day miracle …haha!! I was incredulous reading the email as JOY and GRATITUDE danced their beautiful heavenly dance around me! I called out to my husband loudly "Kev!! Kev you won't believe what God just blessed me with....!!!!" I think he could hear the excitement in my voice because he shot out of his office and we kind of crashed into each other in the hallway! He was just as ecstatic for me as I was for me..haha!. We both burst out laughing as we hugged other tight and celebrated the goodness of God – yet again! Kevin has always been one of my biggest supporters when it's come to getting behind my dream to develop my work with couples. Anyone who knows me, knows of my undiluted passion to help set relationships up success.

That I am part of the most supportive and wonderful eldership team who have endorsed and opened wide the door for me to start my own Relationship Coaching business, just boggles my mind. More gratitude.

Everywhere I look I see evidence of God's kindness and blessing over my life. As I get older, I get excited about continuing to grow and develop the unique gift set God has given me to steward for Him. I want to inspire you to think about how you can grow yours. I do what I do because I come alive working with fractured relationships. Where do you come alive? I have a deep love for people – real people. People who limp and struggle. I have faith for people walking through the valleys of life. I have fierce faith for relationships to grow from good to better. I am so fond of the precious couples I get to journey with. I derive the hugest joy in praying with and for each couple. I find meaning and purpose helping people grow themselves as a way to growing their relationships. I marvel at how God has provided such a natural bridge across which I can walk and talk about the timeless wisdom of His higher ways.

I never set out to pursue a specific calling, what I’ve concluded is that my calling in life found me and it leaves me grinning with the deepest gratitude to God xx


What theme or area of life grabs your attention and makes you come alive reading up on it what subject could you talk about endlessly – what would it be?

Where would you say your greatest strengths lie? God has blessed each one of His daughters with unique strengths in some area of their life that reflects an aspect of Him. Where would you say yours lie?

Romans 12:6-8

We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. If your gift is prophesying, then prophesy in accordance with your faith; if it is serving, then serve; if it is teaching, then teach; if it is to encourage, then give encouragement; if it is giving, then give generously; if it is to lead, do it diligently; if it is to show mercy, do it cheerfully.

Love, Debi

Women Of Reverence welcomes guest blogger Debi Jones.

Debi Jones who is a pastoral counselor at North Hills Church in PMB and a Relationship Coach. Her endless passion is journeying with and coaching people on how to set their relationships up for success.

Debi brings with her life insight from forty years of marriage and thirty-five years in ministry!

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Sandy Foce
Sandy Foce
Oct 10, 2021

Debi Jones you are an inspiration! I would love very much to learn of this couples therapy approach at some stage. Much love, Sandy (Foce)

Sandy Foce
Sandy Foce
Oct 28, 2021
Replying to

That would be awesome Lusanda! Tuesday evenings are best!

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