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Book Review: STRONG - Devotions to Live a Powerful and Passionate Life by LISA BEVERE

This Devotional Book that equips us as women to live confidently has been chosen as Women of Reverences Book of the month October 2020.

How can you live as a confident woman of faith? Strong, a 90-day devotional by Lisa Bevere, will inspire you to grow deeper in your relationship with God, strengthen your time studying His Word, and experience the joy of living in harmony with God, others, and yourself.

Lisa Bevere will help you find your strength, not from trying harder or doing more but through a deep and devoted relationship with God and from knowing and following Him. Each of the 90 devotions featured in Strong includes Scripture, reflections and teaching from Lisa, a prayer, and an anthem of strength.

Devotional topics include:

Relational healing; Contentment, Redeeming regret, The strength of rest, How to be both powerful and gentle.

Published by Struik Christian Media, and available from leading bookstores and online booksellers.

Reviewed by:

Lusanda Dhlamini Tell us a bit about yourself:

I am a wife, mother to four girls and a grandmother to our grandchild. My husband and I lead Gateway City Church in Alexandra Township Johannesburg. I am the Founder of Women of Reverence. I love traveling, watching movies, a good cup of coffee and reading!

What drew you to read this book:

The Title of the Book - STRONG BY LISA BEVERE . I have always been labeled a STRONG woman, so when I saw the title, immediately I related to it. I wanted to know more!

What impact did this book have:

It reminded me that strength comes from God. It gave me freedom to be weak in Jesus Christ, so that I can go to Him to gain my strength in whatever season I am in. I was convicted to watch out on self reliance. My reliance should ALWAYS be in JESUS!!!

In a paragraph, what is the main point:

In whatever season you are in, STRENGTH come from Jesus. Relying upon yourself for STRENGTH to navigate the journey of life is not pleasing to God. Being STRONG is not WRONG however what are you strong in? The truth of God or the culture of the world!

Who would benefit from reading:

Every woman, young and old! Introverts and Extroverts! We are called to be STRONG!!!

Star Rating?:


All comments are reviewers own.

Published by Thomas Nelson and distributed by Struik Christian Media.

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