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Book Review on Better Together by Danielle Strickland

Women of Reverence would like to thank Nadine Judge for her Book Review.

Better Together: How Women and Men Can Heal the Divide and Work Together to Transform the Future

Is it possible in the aftermath of #MeToo and #ChurchToo movements for men and women to actually find hope and healing and create a better world—together?

We are at a strategic cultural intersection with relationships between women and men eroding. While it is good for women to expose their pain, abuse, and experiences of gender inequity and oppression, what often follows is a never-ending cycle of blame, accusations, denial, avoidance, and ultimately devastation for everyone involved.

Better Together is a beacon of hope in this challenging storm. Danielle Strickland offers practical steps toward a real and workable solution that include two things needed for change: a vision of a better world and an understanding of oppression.

Understanding how oppression works, whether it relates to gender, race, socioeconomic status, or religion, is an important part of undoing it. Let Danielle inspire you to believe that change is possible and equip you with ideas and strategies that will compel you to action.

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Reviewed by:

Nadine Judge

Tell us a bit about yourself:

My husband and I lead a church in Fairlands, SA. We are part of the New Covenant Ministry International team. I was part of a management team in a corporate environment many years ago, and then managed my own business for a season. I love books, reading and coffee and you can often find me in a coffee shop (with bottomless coffee) reading.

What drew you to read this book:

I was requested to read this book and as women in leadership is a key topic for me, I looked forward to reading this book.

What impact did this book have:

There were some interesting concepts that will make me reflect and consider how this impacts the environment I am currently in.

In a paragraph, what is the main point:

How vital it is for women to be considered to be an essential and key partner, mostly in a business context. This is not a book to be read to understand women and leadership within a church context, and I don't think that was the author's intention.

Who would benefit from reading this book:

Christian business women and men who wish to help their environment view how essential and beneficial it is for women to be considered in management and leadership positions.

Star Rating?:


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