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Book Review: 3:16 The Numbers of Hope Author: Max Lucado

Now with brand-new content added, one of Max’s all-time bestselling books is updated for a new generation!

Sometimes life appears to fall to pieces and can seem irreparable. We’ve all had our fair share of disappointments, loss, or hardships. But for every challenge there is a breathtaking promise: It’s going to be okay. How can we know? Because God so loved the world.

In 3:16, Max encourages us to study closely the “Hope Diamond of the Bible”: John 3:16.

Max says of his favorite verse, “Every time I recall these words, they are fresh and as stunning as my first encounter with them. The mind-bending awareness of God’s limitless love, his incalculable sacrifice, and the priceless teaching at the core. How can we not review it again and again? I want this generation, and all who come after, to look closely at the key promise of God and choose the gift beyond all gifts.”

If you know nothing of the Bible, start here. John 3:16 invites you to know God’s love deeply and intimately. And once you accept God’s love, your life will never be the same.

If you know everything in the Bible, return here. Let John 3:16 become the banner of your life, so much so that the message of God’s unending and unbending love overflows from you to others.

Reviewed by:

Tabitha Brand

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I am a stay-at-home wife and mother. I currently homeschool our two children. I love Jesus, His word and His church. My hobbies include reading, painting and baking.

Name of Book:

3:16 The Numbers of Hope


Max Lucado

What drew you to read this book?:

I generally enjoy Max Lucado's books. John 3:16 is a powerful scripture and is often one of the first ones we learn, I was interested to see what he had to say about it.

What impact did this book have on your life?:

It is a good reminder of the promise God gave us by sending Jesus to die for our sins. I was reminded of how great and wide God's love for us is.

In a paragraph, what is the main point of the book?:

Lucado goes into the verse in great detail, looking at the meaning of the words used and showing what that means for us today. He uses relatable and easy to understand references and stories to show the relevance of God giving His son for us. He then goes into detail about who Jesus is and why He did what He did. At the end of the book, there is also a 40 day devotional that helps the reader to spend time getting close to Jesus and being reminded of His love.

Who would benefit from reading this book?:

Anyone who wants to understand why Jesus, who is God, chose to become a man and die on a cross to free us from sin and death.

Star Rating?:

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