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Book Review: All Hope Is Found Author: Sarah Jakes Roberts

Undoubtedly, there are moments when hope is obscure. That's because hope has many hiding places. It hides behind heartbreak, camouflages in stress, and disguises itself in grief. It only takes a few disappointments before our expectations are hijacked by doubt and disbelief. Hope is easy to lose and hard to find, but there is never a season when hope is out of reach. All Hope is Found, by bestselling author of Woman Evolve Sarah Jakes Roberts, will show

  • Hope can be broken.

  • Hope can be reframed.

  • Hope can be put to work.

  • Hope can spread.

Inspiring you towards the pursuit of hope with a lens of compassion, Sarah serves as a guide who exposes the hidden hope that awaits you each day. Sarah is not shaking up your life with renewed expectation and the epic pursuit of hope for you to go back to your norm. She wants you to get out of your comfort zone and into your go zone—the space where the abnormal eventually becomes comfortable because you refused to give up.

All Hope is Found:

  • Has reflection questions at the end of each chapter for personal growth and development

  • Is great for small group discussions or book clubs

  • Perfect for Christmas or holiday gift giving and sharing the joy of life

Reviewed by:

Lusanda Dhlamini

Tell us a bit about yourself: 

I am a wife to Joseph Dhlamini, mom and grandmother. I enjoy a cup of coffee, movies and reading. There is nothing that brings me joy then seeing women of God walk a purposeful life.

Name of Book: 

All Hope Is Found


Sarah Jakes Roberts

What drew you to read this book?: 

2023 was a hard year and I could sense that my heart was feeling hopeless. It has been a long road in ministry and I was starting to doubt if I am called to do what I am doing.

What impact did this book have on your life?: 

It challenged me to view ministry with an expectant heart and with hope. The author encourages you to find hope in unexpected places e.g. heart break, grief etc. I enjoy Sarah Jakes Roberts' practical examples so I always look forward to the tools that she adds in her writing.

In a paragraph, what is the main point of this book?: 

The author is making hope tangible to her readers. She also struggled to make Hope a powerful , tangible and even make a word that can carry you. However she soon discovered that it can be found and it is a choice.

Who would benefit from reading this book?: 

Women who have lost hope. Women who are doubting. Women who want to be reminded that we can choose to be hopeful.

Star Rating?: 

All comments are writers own.

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