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Seasons - by Caitlyn Joy van Maarseveen

So I suppose that as soon as you looked at this topic, your mind immediately goes to the weather seasons. Hot, cold, maybe luke-warmish, rainy, snow… you name it. However, in this case I am not necessarily talking about the weather, yet instead, I am talking about the different seasons that God let’s us, as His young ladies, walk through and endure (mic drop ).

Take me as an example, I come from Zimbabwe being surrounded by people who think and believe as I do, I grew up being encouraged and supported by my parents. I was never alone, never by myself, I always had help, I never really faced hectic hardship, and if in the rare case that I did; my Mom was always there to hug away the hurt.

Now here I am, 3 years later, having gone through hardship and the roley-poley times that life knocks you a bit, living alone, far from home, different country, different people, and different season.

I hope this kinda widens your perspective on the word ‘season’, and what I am wanting to talk about.

So back to the main focus, sometimes God lets us go through different periods of times in our lives (seasons) to grow us and mature us into the FINE women He has called us to be. These ‘seasons’ in our spiritual journeys can sometimes be really hard. For instance, back in 2018, I was living in Harare by myself, and that was the time that I had first ever experienced my dry season. I went for months trying to fight my battles alone, and sadly when I felt defeated… I turned to food as my comfort. I tried so hard to hear God but instead all I got was silence. I became emotionally detached and that led to depression.

However ( yuss i am so grateful that I can say that ) …

I only realised that God was teaching me in that time to not focus on myself and what I could not do and what I was not capable of, but to turn my attention to Him fully. For only He could carry me through these hard seasons, and He let me go through that to teach me, that without Him, that’s where I would be. Depressed, overweight and alone.

So you see, these seasons in our lives are not meant to break us, but to refine us, and build us up. Just think about this; your Dad would never let you go through something that could destroy you, because all He wants is the best for you. He would let you go through something to teach you, guide you, and ultimately change you for His glory inwardly AND outwardly.

That’s how good God is, He’s our Dad.

To sum it all up, God puts different seasons in our lives, and these seasons could be seen as moving to a new city, starting a new job, going through an ‘icky’ time in your life where you feel that everything is falling apart, meeting new people, I don’t know, God can use anytime in your life to lead you into a new season.

So I want to encourage you to praise God and give Him thanks in whatever season you may find yourself in. Our God is a good God, and He deserves to be praised no matter what the circumstance. Wherever you may find yourself, it could be looking for a new job, looking for friends, scared to meet new people, starting varsity, please know that God has your best interests at heart. And sometimes all we need to do is to trust Him.

So wherever you may find yourself, give God thanks for what He is about to do and what He has already done, you could also ask Him to show you what He is trying to teach you, and make sure to listen. (I struggle with actually taking time to sit and listen to His voice.)

So many times in life we do most of the talking and don’t let God have a chance to say what He needs to say, so my advice is to talk to Him, but also to let Him talk back. Learn to listen.

Let God be God, and trust Him in this process. Walk into this season that God has for you with confidence and joy for what is to come.

Lots of love,


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