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Book Review: You Are Stronger Than You Think Author: Joel Osteen

You were designed with the ability and inner strength to stretch to the next level, to stand strong and overcome the opposition, to learn new skills, to believe bigger, dream bigger, and to take on new challenges.

In You Are Stronger than You Think, #1 New York Times bestselling author Joel Osteen encourages you to stand firm when the difficulty is not turning around. When the pressure mounts, when you feel overwhelmed, when the struggle looks too big, or the goal is out of reach, you have to remember that is not your destiny. You are more powerful than you think. You need to see yourself the right way and realize what’s already inside you. You were made to outlast the competition, to go further than you thought you could, and live a life beyond what limits you.

As you read You Are Stronger than You Think, you will find the power to break the cycle of defeat, the courage to set a new standard for your family, the hope to conquer your fear, and the confidence to accomplish every dream. You will discover that you have more strength, more talent, more determination, and more endurance than you ever imagined. Nothing can hold you back…because You Are Stronger than You Think!

Reviewed by:

Robynne de Wet

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I am a loved wife and a proud mom of three beautiful girls. I love God's Word, reading, and writing. I blog - sometimes - at

Name of Book:

You Are Stronger than You Think: Unleash the Power to Go Bigger, Go Bold, and Go Beyond What Limits You


Joel Osteen

What drew you to read this book:

The title of the book immediately grabbed my attention. Joel Osteen has a knack for motivating people to be their best selves in a world where fear and failure loom large.

What impact did this book have on you?:

God's Word has the power to push us past our feelings of fear and failure and move us into a spacious place of freedom. And instead of operating in survival mode, we begin to operate out of a place of strength.

In a paragraph, what is the main point of the book:

There is power in the words that we speak over ourselves, so instead of speaking words of doom and gloom - we need to start declaring the Word of Life over our lives. God's Word is full of life-giving promises.

Who would benefit from reading this book?:

This book is full of positive affirmations. But we need to read it in full view of God's Word and His grace alone. If you're looking to be encouraged, this book is for you. As long as you reflect on God's Word first and foremost.

Star Rating?:

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