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Book Review: Start With Prayer Author: Max Lucado

Do you find it difficult to turn to prayer when you need it most? Do you have trouble finding the words to capture exactly how you’re feeling? Start with Prayer, by pastor and New York Times bestselling author Max Lucado, will give you the tools you need to feel more comfortable when you communicate with God.

When struggles and anxieties come up in our lives, we invite God into our world, watching our fears surface and then depart. But how do we help prayer become a tried-and-true practice in our daily lives? Finding the right words to pray can be challenging, but Max is here to help.

Whether you’re learning to pray for the first time or you’re hoping to reinvigorate your prayer life, Start with Prayer will change the way you think about your relationship with God.

Pairing timeless scripture with thoughtful prayers, Start with Prayer is a special collection of 250 prayers that will help you develop the strength and hope you need to turn to prayer first in any situation you're facing.

Adapted from Max’s series of Pocket Prayers with brand new prayers added, Start with Prayer is divided into categories designed to foster prayers that impact every aspect of life, including prayers centered around:

  • Clarity and creativity

  • Healing and safety

  • Inspiration and encouragement

  • Preservation and endurance

  • Wisdom and leadership

Start with Prayer is a trustworthy resource that you can turn to no matter what season of life you’re in right now, reminding you that starting with prayer is always the right answer.

Reviewed by:

Yolande Vincent

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I am a hairstylist & make-up artist by trade. I am also a qualified Christian counsellor. I thoroughly enjoy being part of people's transformation journeys inside and out. My husband and I serve on the Eldership team at Venture Church. I enjoy reading partnered with some good chocolate. I like the quote by D.L. Moody: "Every great movement of God can be traced to a kneeling figure".

Name of Book:

Start with Prayer


Max Lucado

What drew you to read this book?:

The author and the name of the book. (Also the beautiful colour of the book as I always judge a book by its cover...jokes...I'm a total sucker for green.)

What impact did this book have on your life?:

This book definitely encouraged me to pray with a wider perspective as well as more inclusively. So often we can get caught up in our own circumstances, but these 250 prayers partnered with a scripture, can help adjust our focus back to Jesus. It's a great reminder to pray for our leaders as well as others.

In a paragraph, what is the main point of the book?:

This book is made up of 250 prayers for hope and strength. It has 19 different Prayer themes, covering prayer themes like Clarity & Creativity, Friendship, Love & Marriage, and even prayers on Wisdom & Leadership. Max Lucado said: "We can do much after we pray. But we should do nothing before we pray. Let's start with prayer."

Who would benefit from reading this book?:

Anyone who would like to increase their prayer life. Anyone who might be stuck in their prayer life and would like to start somewhere. Anyone who might need fresh ideas to pray on or those who need examples to encourage others to pray.

Star Rating?:

All comments are writers own.

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