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Book Review: Provision Promises by Joseph Prince

Let your heart be encouraged and refreshed as you delve into the pages of Provision Promises.

Packed with bite-sized practical wisdom and faith-filled inspirations from the Word of God, this book will enlarge your revelation of Jesus’ grace and the abundant life you have through His finished work.

Meditate on His promises for you today and increase your capacity to receive from your Heavenly Father.

Reviewed by:

Melissa Burger

In a sentence tell us about yourself:

Follower of Christ, Wife, Sister, Aunt, Friend, Road runner, Hiker, Karate student, part-time Unisa student and therapist.

What drew you to read this book?

An amazing woman told me about Pastor Joseph Prince, and his grace-based teachings, I started listening to some of his Podcasts and CDs and started looking for some of his books. Through her Joseph Prince reached me in a time of deep darkness.

What impact did this book make on your life?

The book is broken down into 5 Grace-based chapters, each with roughly 40 pages of short teachings (about 1 per page) and supporting Scripture to illustrate and explain each Grace-based principle. I have sometimes used it as a daily Bible reading guide, I have also sometimes just used it as a guiding counsel in a moment of doubt or despair – just opening up randomly to a page and reading. It never fails to uplift me or renew my faith.

In a paragraph what is the main point of the book?

Joseph Prince teaches on God’s promises fulfilled by Jesus in the New Testament. He also gives some practical examples of his own life or of members of his congergation. The theme centres around God’s provision for us in any circumstances we may be challenged with but it is done in short ‘’studies’’ which can be read daily or even as a theme for a week but packs enough punch to meditate on for as long as you need.

Who would benefit from reading this book?

Anyone who needs encouragement. When I first read this book God’s grace through Christ was still a new concept to me and this book made my heart burst, my head spin, my jaw drop at His love for us and at the beauty of Scripture – how the same verses can be interpreted differently at different times. If you are longing for God’s voice to speak into your heart daily and directly (having newly accepted Christ as your Saviour or having maybe over time forgotten what it feels/sounds like when He speaks to you) then this book is for you!

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