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Book Review: Let Go Of The Past and Liberate Yourself Author: Natasha Zantsi

This book, about forgiveness, using biblical truths has been chosen as the Women of Reverence book of the Month.

Forgiveness – a difficult yet one of the most important determining factors for the course your life will take. Betrayal, rejection, abuse, murder, rape – whatever it is that may have been done to you, by a loved one or member of the society, however gruesome and undeserving of forgiveness it may be, we need to forgive. In this book, Natasha unpacks, with reasons, why we need to forgive, how to forgive and how often we need to forgive.

With the focus being on Christianity principles, evidence is drawn from biblical scriptures. She also speaks from her own life experiences – how she was faced with the challenge of forgiving the individuals who had put her into depression for a period of ten years.

With a guideline on how one could go about forgiving others in a fairly simple and (hopefully) practical way, it’s certainly not impossible. At the heart of this book, which is the motivator, is emphasis that forgiveness is for self-liberation and not for setting perpetrators free as we often think.

Reviewed by:

Ntombi Thamba

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I'm Ntombi Thamba. I'm a single mother of one. I'm a Deacon, music director, and also part of the Titus team where we unpack the word of God at Gateway City Church. I love God.

Name of Book:

Let Go of the Past and Liberate Yourself


Natasha Zantsi

What drew you to read this book:

The title of the book attracted me "let go of the past and liberate yourself". Before reading the book I also looked at the back cover summary which gave me a brief description of what the book is about. The back cover also reminded me about the journey of forgiveness I have been embarking on.

What impact did this book have on your life:

As I was reading this book it personally reflected on my life. I thought I had forgiven and forgotten about my past, in reality I had not done so. I am reminded of 1Peter 5:7 Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you. It taught me how to forgive and move on from my past. I'm still learning how to control my emotions. I also read the book of Ruth which highlighted that we ought to be humble and keep working as God blesses us, we should always follow our hearts with integrity. This was echoed throughout this book. I have learnt to be gentle with myself because healing doesn't come overnight, it is a process that takes time. This book helped me learn how to deal with my pain, anxiety and past hurts.

In a paragraph, what is the main point of this book:

We shouldn't be bitter or angry because it will result in us losing sight of hope in Christ. Philippians 4:6 states that we must not worry about anything but pray about everything, as Christians we will always face trials and tribulations which according to God's word will only make us stronger. God renews us by his living word, He came to heal the broken hearted by redeeming us. The cross and the blood of Jesus were an atonement for our redemption. Storms are not created to cause havoc but prepare us for growth and maturity in Christ.

Natasha mentions in the book that they are those moments when you think it's all gone until something happens and triggers your emotions so let us claim back the power of forgiveness

Who would benefit from reading this book:

Anyone who is in an emotional, spiritual, mental battle with themselves. It is also a good read for those who haven't experienced anxiety and depression, this book will serve as an eye opener to them.

Star Rating?:

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