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Book Review: How to Talk to God Author: Joyce Meyer

Prayer is an essential part of the Christian life and an amazing privilege, but for many, it’s challenging. There are so many different ideas about what prayer is and how to pray that it can be confusing or even intimidating.

In How to Talk With God, Joyce gives simple, practical advice based on scriptures from the Bible that will help you discover the truth about prayer. She addresses common issues, such as how to communicate with God, how to know with confidence that He hears you, and how you can learn to hear His voice. But most importantly, you will learn that prayer is exciting because it’s the key to nurturing your personal relationship with God.

Refresh your daily rhythms and deepen your faith through an effective, powerful life of prayer!

Derived from material previously published in The Power of Simple Prayer.

Reviewed by:

Nandi Magangane


Tell us a bit about yourself:

I am a child of God born again at the age of 11, my whole life has been around the church. I love the Lord who I came to know as Daddy because we were raised by a single mom. I am a mother to a beautiful baby girl, the star to my existence. Being part of the church community that looks after the spirit element in the human has been a blessing from God. I believe in environments that allow a person's calling to operate as the holy spirit leads, that’s the only time we make sense as humanity.


Name of the book:

How to talk with God



Joyce Meyer


What drew you to read this book?

The title of the book touches on a lifelong debate of how to talk to someone who is not seen physically, and how sure are you that it was God answering. For me, I was interested in another person’s experience in this journey. Plus the fact that it fit in my handbag so I could read anywhere.

What impact did this book have on your life?

Prayer is the center of any human living on earth as it is a way God communicates His will with us. It seems everyone has found a way of interpreting what that should look like. In this book you can relate to a lot of the examples Joyce Meyer brings to her path as a Christian looking for answers. I identified a lot with the chapter on breaking through the barriers of effective prayer life, as a mom and career woman things like worry tend to take over. Recently at work I needed boldness to say yes to taking on more work and it turned out to have been the financial help God knew I would need, an answered prayer I did not know about.

In a paragraph, what is the point of this book?

This book is a personal journey through the prayer life of Joyce Meyer, her experience in finding herself in God. I realized while reading it that her experience changed over the years as she grows closer to God. It’s a book you can keep as a new person in Christ as it speaks about how to talk to God on everything referencing saints in the bible like Abraham as a first-time encounter with God and how God led him and teaches him to pray. Later we see the same with the children of Israel. For a seasoned Christian, sometimes the path requires a reminder on how to restart that conversation with God. The chapters have statement nuggets that lead the thought pattern as you read, I found that very helpful.

Who would benefit from reading this book?:

Everyone can benefit from reading this book, it is a good reference to prayer life but obviously some statements are mostly an opinion. It is an easy read and compact size. I do feel some chapters require more unpacking but I suppose for the purpose of a quick read it gets the point across.


All comments are writers own.

Published by Faith Works and distributed by Struik Christian Media

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