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Book Review: How did I get here? Author: Christine Caine.

Bible teacher, bestselling author, and activist Christine Caine wants to see you step into a life that is greater than you could ever hope, think, or imagine - even when things are hard.

In How Did I Get Here?, Christine invites us to press on - past our fears, past our mistakes, past our insecurities, past our comfort zones, past whatever is holding us back - to reach for more of Jesus.

With refreshing candor, How Did I Get Here? will help you:

  • Discover 9 habits that can keep you anchored in our rapidly changing world

  • Build the strength and confidence to go after your purpose, even in the face of setbacks

  • Develop the faith to keep following Jesus, even when you can’t see exactly where He is taking you

  • Learn how to trust God even through seasons of doubt and uncertainty

  • Break through disappointment and move forward with a fresh hope for the future

  • Find a renewed passion to keep going when everything in you wants to give up

We have all faced struggles and times of uncertainty, moments which draw us closer to God. Christine empowers readers to actively seek God through the most difficult of situations, trusting He is able to make a way, even when it seems heavy and like there is no hope.

Reviewed by:

Karabo Ramookho

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I am a married mom of 3, and I love the Lord with all of my heart. My husband and I are part of the eldership team at Foresight Church. I am a marketer by day, a cook, homework genie, and struggling school costume maker by night (like most moms). And I am in the process of setting up a Life and Business Coaching business.

Name of Book:

How did I get here? Finding your way back to God when everything is pulling you away.


Christine Caine

What drew you to read this book:

The subtitle spoke to me at a time when I felt like I was slowly slipping away from God's grasp and feeling a little foggy about my purpose in the church and in life generally.

What impact did this book have on you:

It made me realize that I am not alone, we can become jaded at times in our walk in Christ. It is not always easy to "fess-up" to someone as a "seasoned Christian" that you are battling to connect with God, and that in itself is a trigger to us stepping off the path mapped out for us. The book helped to realize that slipping away can happen to anyone who is not aware of the small things that choke us up as Christians - even to a pastor like Cristine Caine

In a paragraph, what is the m:

The main point of the book is that at times, due to a myriad of reasons, we may find ourselves being pulled away from God and she provides a set of "symptoms" that we can watch out for as a signal to our slipping away as well as practical and relatable advice on how to get back in step with God. The timing of the book is really great as we navigate uncertainties as moms, wives, leaders, and plain simply as human beings that have taken all sorts of beatings mentally, physically, and emotionally in a very short period of time. It was written during the pandemic which ups the relatability and applicability of the content quite a bit.

Who would benefit from reading this book :

Literally every woman! I am a working mom of three, leading a children's ministry, a recently ordained pastor with my amazing husband, plus a home-group leader - just to mention some of the responsibilities on my plate. From the start of the pandemic in 2020 to the present day, I have had to navigate leading a team of people at work, navigating a restructure, caretaking a leadership team, raising 3 kids, studying, making sense of the pandemic, overcoming Covid-19, burying friends, comforting masses - it all got too much at some point and I did notice that I began slipping away in the latter part of 2021. It just got too much. So much so that I started questioning my purpose, I fell in and out of step with Jesus, I overate and cried a lot. All the while drifting in and out. So Christine beautifully and in a no-nonsense way while borrowing from her own very real experiences - provides us with hints of what to look out for in order to note that we are slipping away. Things like -allowing your past to seep back into your present which can prevent you from healing, losing your sense of awe & wonder in God & wandering instead, stopping to partake in the body, and becoming a consumer instead. All of which pulls us away from God, subtly and quietly.

Star Rating?:

All comments are writers own.

Published by Thomas Nelson and distributed by Struik Christian Media.

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