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Book Review: Discovering God's Will for your Life Author: Trevor Hudson

We all long to know God’s personal will for our lives. While we know God’s general guidance for our lives, we also want to discover how God is specifically calling us.

Discovering God’s Will for Your Life finds its starting point in the astonishing good news that God calls each one by name. It explores how this personal calling relates both to what God wants us to do and who God wants us to become.

In this guide, seasoned author Trevor Hudson provides practical ways in which you can discern God’s personal will for your own journey through life. As you practice these “discernment exercises”, your relationship with God will become a dynamic adventure of faith.

Reviewed by:

Kelly Kanzama

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I'd like to think I'm an introvert but l tend to be an extrovert under certain circumstances. I am a person who loves completing whatever task I start. I think of myself as funny and goofy

Name of Book:

Discovering God's Will for your Life - A User's Guide to Discernment


Trevor Hudson

What drew you to read this book:

A church leader of mine had a few books, when l saw the title of this particular book l just felt convicted to read it, and it was actually perfect with the season l was in.

What impact did this book have on your life:

Truly speaking this book has changed a lot about my relationship with God. It has changed the way l pray and my opinion on certain things that happen in my day to day life. This book has taught me to just sit and listen to what God is saying about my past and future. The best thing l mastered was reflecting on my life and this has led to me having a Father and daughter relationship with God.

In a paragraph, what is the main point of the book:

The point of the book is to help people discern God's will for their lives. The book goes into depth on understanding discernment, attending to the movements of our hearts whenever God speaks to us and reflecting on our circumstances in life. It also comes with small exercises that help you to practice what the chapter would have talked about.

Who would benefit from reading this book:

Everyone wanting to build a relationship and understand God's will for their life. I think teenagers because it's not all teenagers that are able to discern God's will for their lives, so l think this book is the perfect guide to help them into the right path and live their lives to please the Lord

Star Rating?:

Published by Struik Christian Media

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