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Ruth:  A Story of Redemption

18 JUNE - 23 JULY

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16th July 2020

Week 5 

Part 1:  The Threshing Floor

Part 2:  At His Feet

PART 3:  At His Word

We continue our Bible Study, Ruth:  A Story of Redemption.  Last week we looked at the Naomi & Elimelek's story.

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You'll find this on pages 63-88 in your book.

In Week 5, we look at Ruth Chapter 3.  This is chapter 8, 9 & 10 in the book.  Author Cailin Leacock shares with us in 2 videos.

Read Ruth 3 in your Bible before you start.


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Part 1:  The Threshing Floor

"One day Ruth’s mother-in-law Naomi said to her, “My daughter, I must find a home for you, where you will be well provided for. Now Boaz, with whose women you have worked, is a relative of ours. Tonight he will be winnowing barley on the threshing floor. Wash, put on perfume, and get dressed in your best clothes.Then go down to the threshing floor, but don’t let him know you are there until he has finished eating and drinking."

Ruth 3:1-3 NIV

Naomi looks out for Ruth and encourages her to go to Boaz as her kinsman-redeemer.  Naomi could have claimed this privilege for herself, instead she puts Ruth before herself.

How do we look after others while looking after ourselves?

We see that Ruth faithfully follows all that Naomi asks.

The threshing floor represents:

  • Judgement

  • Hardwork

  • Worship & intimacy

When we go through a season of hard times and sanctification it can seem like God's judgement, but rather it is a time where God takes us deeper with Him and is intimate with us.

Have you been hurt by relationships?

Know and understand how loved you are by the Father.  Have the courage and boldness to let the Holy Spirit into those broken spaces to heal and make whole.

Part 2:  At His Feet

"When Boaz had finished eating and drinking and was in good spirits, he went over to lie down at the far end of the grain pile. Ruth approached quietly, uncovered his feet and lay down."

Ruth 3:7 NIV

At Boaz's feet, Ruth finds herself in the place of vulnerability, faith, honour and worship & rest.

In the New Testament we see many examples of broken women humbling themselves at Jesus' feet and finding redemption and new life.  Jesus shows them acceptance and love, just like He will show you today if you fall at His feet.

Like Boaz who protected Ruth's integrity and reputation and then lavishes gifts upon her.  So does God lavish us with His gifts of salvation, eternal life and the Holy Spirit.

The wedding ceremony is a beautiful picture of the body of Christ.  In the times of Ruth, it was the father of the groom who chose a bride for his son.  Once they were betrothed the groom went away to prepare a home for his betrothed and once it was ready the wedding took place.  So too is Jesus preparing a home for us.

Part 3:  At His Word

"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid."

John 14:27 NIV

Boaz highlights 4 things to Ruth when he awakes to find her at his feet:

  • Don't be afraid.

  • I will do all you ask.  

  • Lie down until morning.  (Protects her integrity and reputation)

  • Bring me your shawl. (He filled this with gifts for her and Naomi)

Ruth's life was forever changed from her courage to act on Naomi's suggestion.  How has your life changed since you encountered Jesus?

To end with a quote from the book:

"Does this not paint a beautiful picture of Jesus and His heart towards us?  Salvation aline is more than we deserve and yet He also gives us His peace;  He leaves us with His promise;  He protects us;  and He provides more than we could imagine."

Watch the videos below, then join in the discussions on our forum below.

Ruth Bible Study Video 8:  The Threshing Floor.

Ruth Bible Study Video 8: The Threshing Floor.

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