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Women Like Elizabeth by Mpho Thulo

"When my sister wins, I win.

When my sister loses, I lose.

When my sister cries, I wipe her tears.

When she is naked, I cover her.

When she falls, I stand to catch her".

These words should be the creed of what womanhood is about, to know and understand that every woman is responsible for the prosperity of another because we have this in mind - we are our sister's keepers. We will win indefinitely when we are holding each other's hands and working together as a team, not as competitors. In so doing, we can then grasp the power that comes with being united for a cause. The scripture is true which says that where there is unity the Lord commands a blessing (see Psalm 133:3). But where there are dissensions, many will lose sight of what God is doing in their lives and that of others.

Psalm 133:1 (KJV)

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!

This verse paints a beautiful picture of living peaceably and in harmony with one another, and that’s what we should strive for. There is a tangible peace that comes with living in unity and loving unconditionally. Rivalry is one of the many factors that causes a drift in relationships, especially beyond the borders of family ties. More often than not, it rises when someone is intimidated by another's success, and it is the root cause of insecurity: this terrible reaction springs out of negative projections that the emerging personality will take someone else's position. This is a lie the devil has been using to bring division in the body of Christ and especially amongst women. We see this being carried out in the life of King Saul. His thoughts about David were thoughts of jealousy and envy. The minute people started to praise David and recognise his anointing, Saul became envious and sought to kill David. Instead of him recognising the young man as his successor, he saw him as a threat and as someone who would remove him from a position of power (see 1 Samuel 19).

We always need to check in with our thoughts and rebuke negative thoughts that can cause us to judge others unfairly. Whenever we experience negative emotions toward someone, instead of entertaining them, we should ask ourselves, "What is my feeling towards another woman?" God's word encourages us to always think well and cast down any imaginations that are unworthy or do not exalt the person of Jesus Christ. It is important for women to build each other rather than tear each other down. Our purpose should be to groom the younger women instead of viewing them as threats. Mentoring and showing the way should always be the priority instead of magnifying the blemishes of others.

Each of us is created uniquely so that we can minister to each other. Nobody should ever be intimidated by the success or prosperity of others. As unique pieces of a puzzle, we should come together to glorify God.

I believe that we can thrive better when we are spiritually mature, exuberant with spiritual fruits that bear witness to others that we are women after God’s heart. I love the culture of womanhood that Elizabeth modeled to Mary (the mother of Jesus). Their connection as pregnant women is a perfect example of what women should encounter when they come together. Elizabeth recognised that Mary was carrying the anointed. Although Mary’s pregnancy could have been questionable to others, she never considered the carnal facts around it, but she had a revelation from God that this was a divine manifestation from God and she needed to unearth that and encourage Mary. She created a space that helped this young woman, who just conceived outside marriage, feel comfortable and loved. Without knowing it, it can be easy to look at the carnal, instead of being the bridge of Grace to someone, even those who might find themselves entangled with sin. Elizabeth is a model of a woman who ought to be emulated, to learn how to look beyond the tainted characters and allow our eyes to pierce into the depth of what God is doing in other women’s lives, to be the one to speak life even into dead situations, to become the reason why others would desire to follow Jesus. The word of God declares that Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost, and we need to do the same (see Luke 1:39 - 56).

1 Peter 3:8

Finally, be ye all of one mind, having compassion one of another, love as brethren, be pitiful, be gracious….

To advance the Gospel, we should all work together and become vessels that God can use to bring to pass the message of love, hope and peace to the world. When we have one vision, looking at one another through the lens of compassion, we will become a force to be reckoned with. When we know who we are in Christ, the enemy will never be able to break the bond that we have. We will lead our lives not to build our own empires, but to build the Kingdom of God and expand its reach. What we need to know is that it all starts with us. As the saying goes, you can't give what you don't have. Even the word of God confirms this, that anyone who truly wishes to love their neighbour as Jesus did must first love themselves. When you are full, you can refresh others with the overflow. In addition, there is another saying that states hurting people hurt people. In order for anyone to treat others with grace and care, they must first taste the same vine. You cannot heal anyone if your own wound is still open. But when you are healed, your scars become a testimony to others that there is hope, healing and restoration available.

Philippians 2:2 urges us to be of one accord. According to Hebrews, one accord means to be united, as in one agreement. There is an innate promise that comes when we are of one accord: dreams can be realised, visions established and knowledge passed on. This word is the same word that was used when the disciples came together in prayer and worship as they were assembled in the upper room. The word declares that they were all in one accord. And because of that, they all received the supernatural fire of God, a passion that gave many utterances and boldness that could not be denied. Some, like Peter, found their purpose and released their potential, ministries were birthed and offices of the fivefold ministry were realized.

It is evident that when women are united, supernatural manifestations will break forth and God, Himself, will become part of us. His Spirit will start dispensing gifts that will edify all. My prayer is for us to grow the passion, like fire, to build each other, to be catalysts of change in our community and our circles of influence. It is essential that we begin to recognize what makes other women special so that we can cultivate and inspire the best in them. Let's be women like Elizabeth! We can do it and we shall do it!

Love, Mpho

Women of Reverence welcomes guest blogger, Mpho Thulo

Mpho J. Thulo is a South African born follower of Jesus Christ. She holds an International Diploma in Divinity. She is an author of her debut book, Called Out and aMagazine Column writer. She is passionate about writing inspirational articles and faith building blogs. Some of her work can be read from, Lady Rose Magazine, MyFaith Magazine, Women of Reverence and Faith Daily Devotional.

She eagerly testifies how she encountered God, hoping to share the Good News with those who are on their quest to find spiritual wholeness using Biblical principles. Furthermore, her testimony can be read in Your New Life Journey (RealDeal Trust, 2017 & 2019), JOY! Digital Magazine (July, 2018) and has been aired on Turning Point International (TPI) via Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) Africa. As part of her service to the Lord, Mpho teaches Bible Studies at her home church. She is the host of the Empowerment Sessions Podcast with Mpho and Guests, a podcast dedicated to empower listeners with real life stories. She aspires to continue writing articles and books that will resemble the lives of women and men who have overcome extreme difficulties to fulfill their calling and be delivered from all kinds of spiritual and physical bondages. Together with her husband, John, Mpho is committed to reaching the unreached and unchurched with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are parents of five children and make their home in East London, South Africa. When she is not pursuing her career endeavours, Mpho enjoys cooking, reading, going to the beach with the kids and spending quality time with her husband and the company of friends.

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