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Top tips for healthy marriage - By Heidi Strong

February for me, has always been the month of love.

Why? Because it houses Valentine’s Day. A commercial rip off some say, but never the less, it holds great expectations for many. Some expectations are joyfully met, others are lost in translation, while others are tragically dashed. Personally, I’ve learned that I always need to attend to the flames of passion and love. To keep the flame burning bright, or to fan it back into flame when it’s, oh so dim.

So here are my top ten tips, to keep your love alive, in random order.

1. Be your mans biggest, greatest and loudest cheerleader.

Blow wind in his dreams, schemes and plans. Be they weird, crazy, utterly insane, mad or amazingly wonderful. Your man needs you to believe in him when all others don’t, can’t, or will not.

2. Be fun and do fun stuff together.  Laugh together.

So easy to loose that and become a boring, predictable, sensible, tired, same old same old, stuck in the mud kind of person. Reinvent the fun, pursue the exciting, be spontaneous as well as planned, be daring and even kick off your shoes and grab your man and dance barefoot in the rain.

3. Be and act like a wife, his wonderful wife. Your husband certainly, doesn’t need another mother, so stop with the telling him what to do, how to dress, how to drive etc.....

4. Give and show your man, respect. As a woman needs to be loved, so does a man need to be respected. And as love should be unconditional, so should respect!!!!! So truly admire his abilities, character, qualities and achievements and show genuine regard for his feelings and wishes.

5. Sow well, reap well. It’s true,  you reap what you sow. This principle applies even in your marriage no matter how hard you wish it didn’t. We’re crazy if we think that if we treat our men like dogs they will treat us like queens. It’s like sewing lemons  and expecting  juicy pomegranates to grow on the tree. It’s not going to happen!!! So treat him like a king, deserving or undeserving, not once, but over and over again.

6. Never stop kissing him hello or goodbye. Kiss him well so he know he’s been kissed, not pecked. If you’ve stopped, just start again.

7. Be intentional in loving your man in the love language he understands and responds to. (If you haven’t a clue than read the book on the five love languages.)

8. Be a better listener. Let him breathe. Stop interrupting. (Here I know I’m speaking to myself more than anyone else.) But to really hear, deep down, what they are saying and even more importantly, what they are not saying.

9. Be a intentional lover. Honestly I find ... that the more I make love to my man, the closer I feel, And the closer I feel, the more I want to make love to him. It’s a delicious upwards circle!!!!

10. Be attentive to the whole package you are presenting to your man

From your hair, your breath, your clothes,  your body odor, your underwear and even your pjs. So....Does the word sexy appear as a descriptive anywhere? No? Then start today to change that. I bet, that if you went to your man as asked him for money, to upgrade your underwear to something beautiful and sexy, you wouldn’t have to wait for month end or even pay day.

Anyway hope this is helpful. Enjoy. Have fun loving your man.


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