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The Rose of Sharon - By Sharon De Beer

Women of Reverence welcomes Sharon de Beer from Glenridge Church, Durban, as our special guest blogger.

Sharon is a mother of a beautiful daughter called Lulu. As a single woman she embarked on the journey of adoption later in life. She decided to draw on the strength of her church community to help her raise her daughter. She is part of the leadership and prophetic team at Glenridge Church.

She worked for Unilever for over 12 years where she gained extensive business experience in marketing related positions. She established a marketing department and worked at Pakco for 2 years. She is an entrepreneur who has run a photography and marketing consultancy business called Alive Marketing. She has also worked for a dynamic NGO called Zoe-Life that is an innovative South African capacity building and development organization working in the field of public health and social transformation.

She has a passion for seeing people step into all that God has destined for their lives. She loves connecting with people and seeing how she can support them to succeed in life. She joined Red Light, an anti-human trafficking organization in 2012 and led a team on the streets to help vulnerable woman encounter the love of God.

She is an adventurous person who has travelled to many countries to experience different cultures and places. She appreciates being in nature and surrounded by trees and mountains. She enjoys going for walks on the beach and chilling out with a good cup of coffee with friends.

This is her story...

He handed me a rose and I was completely undone. This isn’t your typical love story between a boy and a girl. It all began in 2002 soon after I got divorced. I had a dream that I was running up a stairway to heaven and Jesus was reaching down to take hold of my hand. I experienced God’s overwhelming love during this encounter.

A few weeks later a friend of mine, Linda shared a picture God gave her as she prayed for me while attending home group. She saw me running up a stairway to heaven and Jesus was reaching down to give me a yellow rose. I was astounded by the confirmation of the picture that God had shared with me in my dream. We both had an expectancy that God would one day give me a yellow rose.

In August 2002 I flew to Brazil to attend a church leadership training time in São Paulo and Belo Horizonte. I was broken and exhausted from the past few months of heartache through my divorce. I attended the training time out of obedience to God’s call to go. But inwardly I was taking strain and questioning God. Why would He send me across the world to another nation while recovering from a divorce?

After the training time in São Paulo, we flew to our next destination Belo Horizonte. During the flight to Belo Horizonte, I reached rock bottom. Slumped against my chair and with very little hope in my heart, I stared out of the window. It was in that moment that the man sitting next to me reached down and opened up his brief case. He took out a yellow rose and handed it to me.

Accompanying the rose was an invitation to attend church with a scripture in Spanish. Once translated into English, the scripture read "I am a rose of Sharon" (Song of Songs 2:1). I was undone.

I was undone.

God sent me across the world and used a complete stranger who couldn’t speak English to remind me that His love for me is personal and intimate. Not only did I get my yellow rose, but he personalized it with a scripture that had my name, Sharon in it. He reached out to me in my place of greatest despair through a simple act of love.

It is a love story that has stayed close to my heart over the past 18 years. Whenever I see a yellow rose, I am reminded that His love is both intimate and extravagant.

We serve a loving God, Jesus Christ who wants to be close to you. He knows your deepest thoughts and cares greatly for you. Make it a priority to enjoy intimate times with the lover of your soul, Jesus. Take a walk with Him in a beautiful place and allow Him to speak into your heart. Start your day with thankfulness and praise. Prioritise prayer and reading the bible as a way of developing your relationship with Him.

Sometimes a simple act of obedience can be a breakthrough moment in your life. Even when you don’t think it makes sense, all He requires from you is to take a step of faith and trust Him.

In your darkest hour when you have little hope, lean into God and know that He is close to you. His heart for you is that you experience the fullness of His love.

Prayer for today:

Lord I choose to put my trust in you. Even though I don’t fully understand, I am going to obey your voice. I turn my affection and gaze towards you and I lean on your understanding and wisdom.

Lord I declare that your love for me is extravagant! I thank you that you never stop pursuing me and looking for opportunities to reveal more of your love to me.

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