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The Joy Of Being A Gran - by Adele Herbet

Women of Reverence welcomes Adele Herbet as a guest blogger.

Adele Lynette Herbert is a wife to Marcus Herbet and have been married for 38 years. Together they have two adult children; a daughter in love (law) and son in love (law).They are blessed with five grandchildren whom they completely adore.

Marcus and Adele are Lead Elders of Cornerstone Church and serve on the New Covenant Ministries International Global Team (NCMI).

The privilege of being a grandmother is in many ways - indescribable. You have your own children and you believe that this is the greatest joy and love you could ever experience. I have two beautiful children Craig and Wendy, and I didn't believe that there could be another joy beyond this great love.

Then I became a grandmother, it’s a new dimension, a brand new experience. I heard a quote once that sums it up aptly. “A grandmother is a little bit parent, a little bit teacher, a little bit best friend.” This really speaks to my heart and echoes how I feel. I have been blessed with five beautiful grandchildren, and they all bring me their own gifts of joy.

Titus, the affectionate one, eight years old, willing and eager to learn, he brings me hugs and reminds of the curiosity of a child.

Mila, now seven years old, the passionate one, she dances and converse’s her way into your heart, she reminds me of the freedom of the child spirit, and the agility of the childish mind.

Knox, also seven years old, the happy child, with his beautiful smile that lights up a room and his sense of humour, which reminds me of the value of laughter, let us always live and laugh as children do.

Finn, five years old, with his consistent love, and happy laughter, filled with joy, brave and undaunting - a brave warrior just as God made him.

And lastly, little Stella, now five years old, this little star, lives life with a generous spirit, tasting each moment, as she boldly steps into each new day. A page from her book is necessary for us all.

I am so grateful to the amazing parents of my grandchildren, David and Wendy, and Craig and Taryn, who are all bringing up their children in the ways of the Lord.

Much Love


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