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I have an imaginary hat rack that I run past a few times a day. The hats are hung neatly at times and fumbled up in a messy display at other times. There is the Wife-hat, the Mom-hat, the Business-Owner-hat, the Church-Leader-hat, the Granny-hat, the Friend-&-Sister-hat and, at times, the Just-Crazy-hat.

I change these hats a few times a day, and some days I wear multiple hats at the same time. There are days when these hats fit well, and other days where it is more of a circus show - and I’m the clown with the funny hat on.

In the challenges of ‘hat swapping’ and performing tricky juggling acts, how do we remain godly women that impact and influence our circles for God’s glory?

We certainly are living in challenging times where women, especially, are pulled in several directions, feet barely touching the ground as we run from one thing to the next. So how do we impact and influence the areas we find ourselves in?

The meaning of the word IMPACT is to have a marked effect or influence on someone or something.

It sounds like just the job for a multi hat-wearing woman!

Impact can be likened to a very loud hand clap: start clapping and heads turn, people take notice, and attention is given – the IMPACT of two hands coming together can affect a room. Is it possible for our lives to have a similar impact?

The Bible is full of remarkable women who had an impact - a marked effect or influence - on people, circumstances and even history. Many had harsh home environments, tough assignments and challenging relationships. Yet they are mentioned in the Bible as an encouragement for us to live similar lives.

One such woman is Abigail.

We meet her in 1 Samuel 25: 2-42. We learn a few things about her in reading these verses:

She was married to Nabal – his name meant ‘fool/senseless.’

Her husband was very rich, but a harsh and badly-behaved fellow.

She was described as discerning and beautiful.

She had a good relationship with those in her household; she was trusted and highly regarded.

She knew how to deal with arrogant people (Nabal) and angry people (David).

She was brave, courageous, respectful and wise.

She was a woman of action.

This account of Abigail highlighted to me the impact and influence we can have by using what is at our disposal and in our hands. When faced with the prospect of having her household destroyed and killed by David and his angry army, she chose to take action and make a difference, bringing about a significant turnaround in a potentially devastating situation.

I would like to share 5 decisions she made that influenced and changed her future:

1.She acted quickly and with wisdom.

1 Samuel 25:18

As soon as Abigail heard that her husband had offended David (and acted exactly as his name would suggest) she made haste to prepare a peace offering for David and his men. She left immediately to meet David before he even arrived at their home.

Do not delay when the Lord impresses something on your heart that can bring about significant change. Be wise in how you proceed, but do not delay.

Which areas of your life can be changed or influenced for the better by taking action and not shrinking back?

2. She used her resources well.

1 Samuel 25: 18

On hearing about the impending doom, she rallied her household and put together a feast for David and his men: 200 loaves of bread, 2 skins of wine, five sheep already prepared, 5 bags of grain, 100 clusters of raisins and 200 fig cakes.

She used what was at her disposal and did not look or wait for resources that were not available to her. She was very generous with what she had.

What has the Lord placed in your hands at this moment to make a difference and influence your future and that of your household / community?

3. She was a peacemaker.

1 Samuel 25: 23-24

On meeting David, Abigail got down from her donkey and fell at his feet. She immediately looked for a way to defuse the situation, asking for forgiveness and looking for a way to bring about peace. Even though she was not at fault, she pursued peace.

What change could you initiate by pursuing peace – in your home, workplace, church, family and community?

4. She chose her words well & honoured others

1 Samuel 25: 28-31

Here we see Abigail choose her words with care, pointing out to David that the killing and plundering of her home was not what God required from him. She proceeds to speak a blessing over David, reminding him that he is fighting God’s battles and there is no place for evil in his life.

Her words must have left David speechless as she speaks for some time, and when David answers her, he blesses her too. What a turnaround!

Ours words have power too.

Her focus was not just on herself but also on those that she valued and loved.

She ends her words to David by asking for his favour, knowing that a blessing to her would extend to her household too.

Which areas in your life can be impacted or influenced positively by choosing to speak words of life and blessing?

Is your desire for change, living a life of impact and influence, motivated by a desire to make the lives of others better? Regarding and honouring them may just be the influence required to bring about significant change.

5. She believed God was the great Influencer

1 Samuel 25: 32-33

We witness God turn things around. God worked in this situation and gave Abigail favour in David’s eyes. She believed the LORD would work in David’s heart. The impact of this encounter had far-reaching effects. On returning home, Abigail finds Nabal feasting like a king. She only tells him of her encounter with David the following morning after he sobers up. He gets an almighty fright, and a few days later, passes away…and Abigail becomes David’s wife.

One encounter changed everything. With God by our side, things can change in an instant.

Which areas of your life require you to seek God’s face to bring about significant change? In which areas do you desire God to be the great Influencer?

I can imagine Abigail being the kind of woman that did the ‘hat-swapping’ very graciously. She, too, must have had an imaginary hat rack. However, in her case, I imagine slightly different hats. I picture her wearing the Impact-hat – the one that looks similar to the Action-hat, the Resourceful-hat, the Peacemaker-hat, the Honour-hat and the God-Lead-Me-hat.

Perhaps the secret lies not in wearing the Function-hat well, but rather choosing and wearing the Impact-hat that brings about change.

Which set of hats will you be choosing today?

From your Hat-Wearing-Sista,


Thora is married to Craig and they lead the One Life Somerset West Site.

After spending more than 18 years in Corporate Business, she felt led by God to come alongside her husband in their family business in 2010. After relocating to Somerset West in July 2021 God moved in miraculous ways and a church was planted in the gorgeous Helderberg Area.

Thora’s joy includes being a wife, mother and granny. She loves teaching and equipping women, especially enjoying the diversity that exists in God's girls. She is an avid crafter and DIY'er, using her creativity to upcycle, paint and decorate.

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