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Women of Reverence welcomes Bongiwe Nyathi as a guest blogger.

Bongiwe Nyathi is a Disciple of Jesus Christ. An Author, International speaker and a single parent.

She has written a book called - " From God to Single Parents " that will motivate single parents in many aspects of their lives.

Bongiwe holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration. She has over 15 years corporate experience in Sales and Customer Service.

Reflections, reflections, reflections… Why do we have to reflect?

I remember going through a challenging and difficult time in my life; coupled with lots of uncertainties. These issues occupied my mind. I found myself in a dark and gloomy space. Have you ever been in that space? Where it seems impossible to come out of that dark pit or to move that huge mountain standing in front of you.

It was in that moment when God whispered to me with His tender and loving voice. He said, “What you have today, used to be your yesterday’s desperate prayer. Reflect on what used to be your impossible situation and see how I have given you victory in that past circumstance.”

God highlighted a powerful thing to me. He said the bible is a reflection book. A holy book that reflects on impossible and difficult situations that ended up in victory and triumph.

Going back to that time when I found myself in a very dark and unbearable situation. My ex-boss set up a meeting for me and her. And I thought it was one of our regular business strategy sessions. She told me that my salary was going to be cut down by 50% including some of the benefits. I remember going back home with a broken heart, a crushed spirit and a heavy soul. I just couldn’t see how we were going to carry on with our normal life. I started praying and fasting for a new job. But, it seemed as if God was far away from me. I thought God had abandoned me. I would email my CV but, I would not receive any responses. I don’t even remember being called for an interview. I continued working for that company. You can imagine how hard it was for me to wake every morning and go to work. I was working with customers who did not know my struggle, my pain and my agony. I had to be friendly and effective even though I was not happy inside. I would pray for strength to maintain the friendliness and excellence that the customers were used to. I worked as if everything was normal. I prayed for courage to forgive.

One day, a customer came with her mother and her daughter. The customer opened up to me about her friend who has been experiencing hardships after hardships. I just said I am going through the same. She asked, “How are you coping?” I said prayer and my trust in the Lord. She gave me her contact number. She asked that I call her. She was looking for a candidate. She arranged an interview after I contacted her. And she appointed me for the role on the day of the interview. Just imagine! The joy in my heart. God saved me. God uplifted me up from the ashes. God came through for me when I was not expecting it.

I have learnt to reflect, in order to regain hope and courage. God taught me about the power of reflections. We do not experience trials and tribulation so that we can end up in suffering. God uses storms and calamities in our lives to draw us closer to Him and to launch new testimonies of how powerful God is.

You will never know that God is able to save you in the fire, if you have never been in the fire.

You will never know that God has power to shut the lion’s month if you have never been thrown in the lion’s den.

You will never know that God is able to bless you with a baby until you find yourself in situation where you are unable to conceive.

You will never know that God is able to deliver you from debt until you find yourself in debt.

You see when we reflect our hope is re-ignited. Reflections give us confidence and assurance that if God was faithful then, that means He will be faithful today and He will faithful tomorrow.

You can look at your situation and say God is about to show His power through your circumstance. If God did it before; He will surely do it again.

There’s a Hillsong worship song titled Hindsight that says:

As I reflect

I find perspective

There in the best and worst days of this life

You were always on my side.

I don’t need to know what the future says,

‘Cause if the past could talk it would tell me this.

My God isn’t finished yet,

if He did it before He will do it again…

This is a reflection song. We draw strength from reflections. When you go through a new trial or tribulation in your life, reflect.

When you don’t have an income or you are in debt reflect on the story of a widow who was in debt.

When you are sick in your body reflect on how Jesus healed an incurable disease; reflect on the story of a woman with an issue of blood.

When you are single and lonely reflect on the story of Ruth.

When you cannot conceive a baby reflect on the story of Hannah.

When you are surrounded by enemies reflect on the story of Daniel.

When your business is under attack reflect on the story of Isaac.

When you are struggling with forgiveness reflect on story of Jesus dying for us on the cross.

When you are condemned and judged reflect on the story of a woman who was caught in the act of adultery.

When you are discouraged in your calling in ministry reflect on the story of Peter who left ministry and went back to fishing.

When you are struggling with addictions reflect on the story of the woman at the well.

Reflect! Reflect! Reflect! There is deliverance in reflections. There is encouragement in reflection. The mountain you are facing today, will be your tomorrow’s reflection of how God suddenly melted that mountain for you. Amen.



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