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Our Victorious God Is Love By Elizabeth Moeketsi

Women of Reverence would like to welcome guest blogger Elizabeth Moeketsi.

Elizabeth is married to Raymond Moeketsi and together they are blessed with two daughters. She works for NHLS as a Quality Assurance Officer. She is studying Project Management with Mancosa. She serves as a Deacon and Kids Ministry Leader at Gateway City Church, Alexandra Township in Johannesburg. She is passionate about prayer and loves children(from all walks of life) very much.

I had lost six children before my own spiritual re-birth in 2003. This led me into my own personal relationship with God. Before conceiving my two children, Ofentse and Olerato (Their names mean ‘Our victorious & God is Love’) I received a prophecy that gave me hope! Concerning Olerato, the prophecy was clear that there wouldn’t be any complications, and it happen just as God said!

After ten years and a dissipated hope of ever having kids, I conceived! We were very excited. We named our unborn child Ofentse (Victor). Fourteen weeks into my pregnancy, the gynaecologist suggested a shirodkar stich, (A shirodkar stitch is a 'purse-string' stitch put into the cervix to keep it tightly closed during pregnancy) Everything was going well with until I went for my check-up. My babies’ heartrate was abnormal and I was admitted. Four days later in October 2013 I gave birth to a premature baby girl, she was immediately taken to the newborn intensive care unit and six days later she picked up NEC infection (Necrotizing enterocolitis or NEC, a serious disease that affects the intestines of premature infants) and antibiotics weren’t helping. My baby was very critical and had to be operated on. Before the operation I prayed for her by the leading of the Holy Spirit and while waiting outside during the operation, I prayed and worshipped with the song ‘Jehovah is your Name, mighty warrior, great in battle’ resonating inside me. However, after meeting with the Operations Unit Manager, we realized that our hospital-journey was going to be months longer than expected. Ofentse had a broviac line and colostomy bag.

Everyday when visiting the hospital God gave me scriptures to read over her, and I would speak life into all her organs. They trained me how to change the colostomy bag in case we were to be discharged with it (but I prayed to God that this wouldn’t be the case, as development is very slow in most children with this condition) So I would cancel any negative report in prayer, knowing that God was able to change any situation! Often in the midst of this, I would cry at home in the middle of the night, or in the hospital toilet. God strengthened me to pray, sing and read scriptures over her. Then at six months she was moved to paediatric ward, I was staying with her in the hospital, and after almost ten months she was finally discharged with a drip stand to feed her intravenously, until the paediatrician was satisfied with her growth.

Just when we thought we were too old old for babies, God blessed us again! I was 40+. This can be daunting as according to research, there is a higher risk of having a Down syndrome child for women over the age of 35. (Understandably this makes most woman apprehensive, but my advice is to pray and trust God that all will go well). My gynaecologist didn’t want to take any risks and after tests, the results showed that the baby’s organs were working well. My second pregnancy was the easiest, I had no fear and doubt, and it gave so many of my colleagues hope.

To all the Fathers who are reading this. Know that your support is very important during difficult times! My husband did all the house chores, as I was always at the hospital before and after work, and because of this experience, I am able to pray for kids in hospitals and parents to be strong and surrender all to God. I love kids more now than ever before.

Thank you God for trusting us to raise another princess!

Ofentse is currently (2020) in grade one, doing well and calls herself a prayer warrior! I am so grateful to God for her life.

Thank you to my gynaecologist, paediatrician, nurses, surgeon and other hospital staff for being very supportive and loving. My family, spiritual family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, Head of Department, Executive of our department and everyone thank you for praying and supporting us.

May God bless you!


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