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Making Your Home Beautiful - By Heidi Strong

Hi special ladies!

“If you wait until you have enough money to decorate and make your home your own - it will never happen.

If you wait until you can afford to buy everything new, you are missing the point. It’s the old, the new, the hand me downs, the collected, the bargains, the worn, but lovely things in your home that make it your own.” -Stacy Risennay.

Now I have no clue who this lady is, but I like her already. Her statement is true!!!! The decorating golden rule is...... “Live with what you love!!!!!” Your home should reflect and represent who you are and what you love. For me, it shouldn’t just be about whether it’s useful or practical, or simply just needed, but also, about comfort and beauty as well. I do a lot of hosting, and I want to create spaces that exude warmth and comfort. That invites people in and encourages them to linger for a while! As Albert Hadleys says, “Rooms should never be put together for show but to nourish one’s wellbeing.”

I truly love my home and I feel so happy in it. It has this sense of peace and orderliness. So let’s get started but before I do I want to add this bit of advice. This top secret! MARRY WISELY.

Huh you say what that got to do with decor. It’s a wise lady who marries a DIY guy. (Do it yourself man). A handy man definitely helps all your dreams for your home, come true, and will certainly save you some money.

So ladies after the secret tip, let’s get down to some useful info with regards to my decorating tips. Try and stay/keep to neutrals with your big furnishings, curtains, light fittings and walls. Then you can accent in different patterns, texture, and colours on the small stuff.

A room can be dramatically changed and get a totally new look by...... Re-arranging your furniture (e.g. moving your bed from one side to the other side of the room or your couches.)or swapping around your loose carpets and even your curtains. Changing your scatter cushion covers and throws every few years. Another piece of advice is to buy feather pillow inners as and when you can afford them. They last longer, never tear and are far hardier. Buying a tin of paint and painting an accent wall, or even a piece of furniture. Play with colour, have fun. Step out of box here. If you don’t like the colour you can always go and buy another tin.

• While I’m on the subject of paint, make sure you paint one of your ceilings in a bold darker colour. It makes the ceiling look higher and makes a huge statement. Change the colour of your accessories, picture frames and lamp shades. When money has been tight I’ve bought a tin of spray paint. It’s incredible!!!! I’ve sprayed lamp shades, ornaments, baskets, and even the frames that hold my mirrors, pictures and art work. I’ve sprayed candle sticks, teapots, pot plant holders and plastic too. It’s truly amazing what you can do with spray paint. Give it a try.

Grey has been the in colour for a number of years but the colours for 2020 are shades of green and blue with a grey hue. Earthly tones are also fashionable. Colours that connect us back to nature. Up cycling your furniture or cupboards is also a inexpensive way to make change. Besides painting or decoupaging them, you can try putting new legs on some of your pieces of furniture, or changing the handles, or painting or stencilling your wall tiles or floor tiles, or even doing a paint wash over your face-brick walls. The sky is the limit!!!!

Adding plants too can change and soften the look of a room as well as purify the air. Some of us have great talent in killing plants, but know there is hope ladies. There are some plants that are almost indestructible. I’m naming you some great hardy indoor plants. They are the...... Zz plant- (tis true. That’s its name. ) Lady palm Bostern fern Madehair fern Rubber plant Spider plant Snake plant, (I know these names are really original). Peace lily Begonias and Bromeliads. • Next, never buy the plastic curtain rails. They look cheap and nasty. Rather invest in the steel or wooden ones. I promise you, this will save you money in the long run. Also buy a rail two meters longer than your window, so that when your curtains open they hang in front of the wall and not the glass, and therefore restricting the light from fully coming in. Curtains need to be generously full and so don’t be stingy on your fabric. They also need to be long enough. Preferably hang a little on the floor. When putting up your curtain rails, hang them as close to the ceiling as possible, as this create the illusion of larger windows. Soft lighting is also vital. Overhead lighting can often be too harsh or terribly bright. So invest in some table lamps. (And buy warm white light bulbs to give your home a warm glow and a wonderful ambience.) And lastly, fresh flowers or even big leaves placed in a vase, a jar, a jug or even a teapot, placed around the home are always a winner.

I hope you found this helpful, and even be encouraged to enjoy and have much fun decorating your home.

Happy Decorating


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