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I am excited. As I stand and survey the wide spacious horizon of the year ahead, there is within me a profound sense of destiny. I have come to treasure and respect the trustworthy character of my Heavenly Father, which is primarily why I am able to face 2021 with such certain confidence!

Being intentional by personality, the leader in me eagerly waits to hear the sound of the Holy Spirit speaking, guiding and directing me. I feel secure when I see evidence of His Presence with me – it fuels courage and hope. (John 10)

The cry of my heart is " Give me wisdom and discernment to lead myself well this year for You".

I whisper the words, "Not my will but Yours be done". These are not some cheap sentimental, nice words I utter. They reflect the pivot around which my world revolves – a declaration of intent. My battle cry. My song of surrendered devotion to the One who found me when I was young. Jesus Christ, who rescued me from tormenting fear, the inability to trust easily, and the famine of hopelessness when I dared to even look up and contemplate the vast future that lay ahead of me.

In stark contrast to how I viewed life back then, one of my greatest convictions in life now is that each child of God has been destined to bear much fruit (John 15) as a breathtaking display of HIS ability to restore and repair fractured lives. The more we are able to find our peace in Christ irrespective of the external circumstances we face, the greater our praise to Him alone.

And oh how I am ready to sing loud my song of gratitude as I head out into 2021!!

During an early morning devotion recently, I was drinking my mug of coffee and enjoying ruminating on the Lord's prayer. I was contemplating "lead us not into temptation" when within a nanosecond I heard the beautiful sound of the Holy Spirit speaking. " Debi, don't be tempted to argue for your limitations this year. I've destined you to bear abundant fruit for Me!! In the thick of the battle, when you feel bloodied and injured, argue for the endless possibilities that await as you keep trusting Me when you can’t see two feet in front of you. It’s exactly at this point that I want you to get back up onto your feet, steady yourself and focus your mind and your heart firmly on My truth and put one foot in front of the other. Keep moving forward towards the dreams I’ve given you and never stop! I’ve opened doors for you into people’s lives that no man can shut".

I was incredulous. The sound of my precious Father’s voice coaching me made me feel secure, cherished and incredibly loved!! His guidance and wisdom were like sweet nectar to my soul. I replayed His words over me again, “Don’t argue for your limitations this year. Argue for the endless possibilities that exist as you continue to trust in Me. Keep moving forward - one step at a time and never stop!”

As I considered how best to outwork the “Don’t argue for your limitations this year” bit, I posed a few questions to myself that perhaps you’d also like to reflect on as you also prepare to invest and contend for the dreams God has given you:

- Where and how does the enemy of your soul, the father of all lies try to take you out eg technical glitches I can’t resolve when I’m running hard towards a goal with a deadline just fizzle my brain and discourage me.

- Can you identify your specific trigger points eg I struggle to think sharply when I feel tired and overwhelmed, so may I need to review my time management practices?

- When you’ve received news that feels like you’ve been punched in the solar plexus what are your deepest beliefs about My dealings with you that fuel courage to get back up onto your feet again eg when I am still and abide quietly, I hear the Holy Spirit speaking which enables me to reframe my circumstances

- What’s a mistake you seem to repeat each year? What can you do to prevent it this year eg trying to fit too much into your week – create more margin space”

As vision, courage and joy leap with anticipation within me, I am excited! I’m up for the challenge. I have heard the clarion call of my Father.

When all is said and done, I realize it’s not only how excited we are about the dreams God has given us that count but how we handle those hard challenges and tests en route that will determine how quickly you and I are able to get back up onto our feet and keep moving forward - and never giving up!



Women Of Reverence welcomes guest blogger Debi Jones.

Debi Jones who is a pastoral counselor at North Hills Church in PMB and a Relationship Coach. Her endless passion is journeying with and coaching people on how to set their relationships up for success.

Debi brings with her life insight from forty years of marriage and thirty-five years in ministry!

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