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At the beginning of June 2020, I called a friend of mine who happens to be a life coach and shared my fears around starting a business in the midst of a pandemic. She said to me, “Yaya, just do it! Do it scared, do it uncertainly, do it anxiously, do it without having all the things you THINK you need; JUST DO IT”

After my conversation with her, I realised that I was grappling with something that most people grapple with when they have set their mind to achieve a certain goal... FEAR. I was extremely anxious, in fact fearful, mostly of the unknown.

Will I succeed? Am I really gifted? Do I have all the necessary resources? What if it doesn’t work? What if it DOES work? These were all the questions I had lingering in my heart.

You see, fear has the ability to keep you captive even though you have been set free. It cripples you, prevents you from taking that first step. The word of the Lord says “whom the Son sets free is free indeed” It also says “I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength” Fear says you can only do so much, you will fail.

“The absence of fear when doing something new or stepping out of your comfort zone is abnormal, but what is equally abnormal is staying in that fear.”- Zodwa Gqwaka.

You see, something has to give, It’s either your dreams and goals or fear. One has to submit to the other, you decide which one will have the ultimate say in your life. I had a business idea in June and registered it in July. I knew that if I stayed in a place of fear I would be stagnant, so I did as my friend had advised and just did it, lol.

But before you can just do it, a mental shift has to occur. I want to share a few ways that I overcame my fears.

These helped me to achieve my goals and start a business - one has to submit to the other, you decide which one will have the ultimate say in you.

1. Set your mind:

2 Timothy 1:7 says, For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, love and a sound mind.

Fear is not of God, therefore we can not allow it to consume our minds, our goals and our desires. In 2021 let us train our minds to be sound by committing ourselves to the Lord in prayer. Take your fears to him in prayer and He will set your mind and shift your anxieties. Prayer has the ability to give you peace which surpasses all understanding. The Word of the Lord also says that we have the mind of Christ. (1 Corinthians 2:16) So when you operate, we should operate like we have the mind of Christ. Live in God’s promises and allow Him to set your mind.

2. Aim for excellence, not perfection:

This is something that I struggled with because I wanted everything to be perfect before I launched. I soon realised, after spending time in the Word of God that perfection kills momentum. I was demoralised because I knew I could not achieve perfection in all areas of the business. God spoke to me to rather aim for excellence than perfection. Excellence required me to do my best, and that was really all I could best.

3. Let your WHY be bigger than you:

We all have goals that we want to achieve this year. But I believe that when your WHY is bigger than you, you are forced to push beyond your fears and just do it. Your WHY is your biggest most constant motivator. For me, it was the burning desire to be able to provide for my kids. I was driven by the need to do more and I was not going to allow my fears to stand between their next meal. I knew that if I started this business purely for myself then it would be easier to let myself down. On the other hand, if I did it for my kids, their livelihood, it would allow me to push past anything. It is important to know your why. Why do you want to loose weight? Why do you want to be more patient? What is your WHY and is it able to motivate you to push through the fear?

As we set our goals for the year, may we be reminded that perfect love casts out all fear. There is no love as perfect as AGAPE love that the Father has for us.

May you be blessed.

Yamkela Pan

Women of Reverence welcomes Yamkela Pan as a guest blogger.

Yamkela is a wife to Unathi Pan, together they have 3 active boys. They lead the Youth Ministry at Gateway City Church, Alexandra Township in Johannesburg.

Yamkela is an entrepreneur, owner of Panva (Virtual Assistant Business) with a Bachelor of Commerce in Law.

She enjoys baking and spending quality time with family and friends.

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