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Have you ever had nights where you are so relieved when the dawn arrives? When the first glimmer of light appears, it means the dark is over. You can immediately feel more hopeful because you see light.

It’s in the stillness of the dark night / season when it can be the scariest, loneliest moments. We perhaps have feelings of being unhinged and alone, and the fears and worries seem to reappear.

Sometimes the things we face are scary! For me it’s been my 10-year-old son seizing night after night in my arms. Doctors scratching their head as to what to do… You can feel alone, isolated, no one understands or knows what is going on or how to help.

I find myself over and over again just checking if my child is breathing as he returns to sleep again… and once I know he is okay I can actually breathe again too. Nothing makes you lose your breath quite like fear or worry.

Recently we took a trip to Sun City (a water resort park in SA). I rode a water slide with much encouragement from my son, because I don’t really like rides that are scary. Nonetheless I got on reluctantly, and off Jono and I went into a dark enclosed tunnel. I could not see my hand infront of my face, it was stuffy and there wasn’t much air to breathe…

It reminded me of our scariest moments together (Jono and I) in the dark of the night.

So often in scary moments and hard times in our life, it can make us loose our breath … why? Because we can’t see the light!!! What’s amazing is what comes out of you in those dark moments in life. For me it immediately brings out a Name!!!! JESUS!!!! JESUS!!!! JESUS!!!!! I cling to JESUS! I call on the Name of Jesus!!!

That’s exactly what I did on that scary ride. Because you can’t see the light yet, doesn’t mean Jesus is not there with you in the night season or tunnel of darkness you might be facing.

When you call on JESUS it is amazing the positioning it places you in. When you hold on to Jesus, it loosens your grip on trying to save yourself or save my son or fix the situation you find yourself in. It immediately breathes peace (shalom) into you as you trust in HIM.

Psalm 36:7-9 (nkjv):

How precious is Your loving kindness, O God!

Therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of Your wings.

8 They are abundantly satisfied with the fullness of Your house,

And You give them drink from the river of Your pleasures.

9 For with You is the fountain of life;

In Your light we see light.

Jesus is our light! When we see Jesus, we see light!

Looking into the dark, the tunnel of difficult circumstances doesn’t change things. But looking to Jesus does!! He is our light!! He is our hope to cling to when things seem out of control or scary.

Darkness is ripe, and a lot of us are battling to catch our breath, maybe even having feelings of hopelessness. But JESUS! Jesus is our hope to cling to. You might not see the way out or even see the dawn of light just yet, but know this, HE is with you. HE will never leave nor forsake you even in the darkest, loneliest of nights. Remember HE is your light in the tunnel.

Knowing the circumstance you are in and constantly thinking about it, doesn’t change it. Speaking and thinking of Jesus does! Our darkest moments can become moments of rejoicing!!! Why? Because Jesus took our place!!!!

If you are battling with sickness in your body, start to see your sickness on Jesus and see yourself well. Every issue or lack you might be faced with, take a moment and close your eyes and see JESUS. See your problems, your lack, your fear, your worry on the Cross.

See Jesus!! When you see HIM, you see light and HE breathes in you HOPE.

By grace alone

Tara x

Women of Reverence welcomes Tara McCauley as a guest blogger.

Pastor Tara McCauley along with her husband , Pastor Joshua McCauley are both Senior Pastors of Redemption Church. Pastor Tara is also the Founder of Gracious Daughters -, a women's ministry that glorifies Jesus. This ministry's heart is to establish every woman and girl, in their identity as a BELOVED DAUGHTER of the the MOST HIGH. Pastor Tara is also passionate about the message of GRACE being translated into a practical and relatable way, that allows people to walk in this in their day to day lives. She has a heart for women and believes that each woman has a message in her heart to share.

Pastors Joshua and Tara are blessed with two handsome, energetic young boys, Jonathan and Joel and a beautiful daughter, Hannah.

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