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It is no secret or surprise that so many people have been going through some really difficult times, especially in the past year. Struggles and difficulties seem to have really become a big part of many people’s everyday lives.

The word struggle means many different things for so many different people. A struggle could be difficulty in a marriage, finances, loss, the deteriorating health of a parent or child, strife in a work situation, friendship or even a struggle in a relationship with God. No matter what the struggle may be, it is important to the person that is feeling it, it evokes many feelings and emotions in each of us. I have seen struggle and I have experienced it. I know that it can hurt, it can break and can even cause one to feel like they are bending. Struggles can cause one to slowly lose hope if the right measures are not put in place at the right time.

So many times, especially as Christians, we try to hide our struggle, often because we feel ashamed or are afraid of being judged because we think that we need to have it together.

Well friend, I am here to say that this could not be further away from the truth. The time to change this narrative has come. It is important to acknowledge whatever it is that you are going through and to not run away from it. Part of the pain and difficulty in the struggle is that we try and ignore it, we try to push it to a far away place, we may even attempt to forget it. The sad reality is that this causes one to hurt even more . This does not only hurt, but it causes feelings of loneliness. How can you go through a struggle with someone if you do not even know what it is, let alone talk about it? The reality is that we are not alone, but are left to feel and believe this because it is all left internally.

Here are some important things to remember while we are in the storm:

It will not last forever:

We can have hope during our times of struggle knowing that whatever it is will not last forever. Often, when hardships come, they can hit so hard, that it can feel like it will never pass and those moments can feel like a life time. Those moments can be burdensome and all that you want is relief from them. In those moments, no matter how dark they may seem, hold on and remember that it will pass. In those moments, hold on knowing that God promised that He will NEVER leave you nor forsake you. Hold on knowing that He meets you at your point of pain and difficulty.

God is bigger:

In your difficulty, remember that God is TRULY bigger than any struggle that you can experience. We know and serve a big God. This God is the same God who parted the Red Sea, who turned water into wine, who helped David defeat Goliath and who resurrected Jesus from the dead. How much bigger can He be than your struggle? Come to Him with an open and vulnerable heart and let Him in on all that you are experiencing knowing that He is MUCH greater than whatever it is that is before you. He cares about your struggle and He cares about you. Most importantly, your struggle cannot defeat Him!

Perspective is key:

Perspective is needed when it comes to having the ability to overcome and defeat any struggle. We all need the perspective to know and to remember that God is who He says that He is and that He will do what He said that He would do. We need the perspective of David in Psalm 121 when he said that ‘my help comes from the Lord, the maker of Heaven and earth’ How powerful is this perspective? The perspective of the fact that the one who made the heavens and the earth is the one who will help you and be with you in your struggle? How amazing is the perspective of knowing that the maker of the heavens and the earth does not only care about your struggles, but has the desire and ability to meet you at your point of need?

Give it over to the Lord:

Give it over to the Lord in prayer and confidence knowing that He has got you. Giving it to the Lord is to completely and totally surrender your heart. Giving it to the Lord means to trust Him and to be at peace knowing that He is at work. My friend, God cares about you and he wants you to come to Him, you are important to Him and He cares for you.

Often, it is our own shame that keeps us hiding from the Lord and not having the confidence to go to him in these times. Remember: there is nothing that is too big or too shameful or too complicated for Him. He is God and He already knows, there is nothing that he does not know!

Be brave and run into the loving arms of our heavenly Father. Lay it at His feet, cry to Him and have NO DOUBT that He is there and DESIRES to be there. You are not alone, you were never alone and you will Never be alone!



Women of Reverence welcomes Lelethu Shabangu as a guest blogger.

My name is Lelethu Shabangu. I am a mother, a wife, a friend and a dedicated individual for change. I am a Private Banker by profession, a facilitator, speaker and an aspiring life coach.

Originally, I am from the Eastern Cape and reside in Cape Town currently. My husband and I met in the church, have always had the desire to church plant (well mostly this was his passion ☺) and we had the honor and privilege of planting a church, called RedPost Church at the foot of UCT.

My passion in life is to help individuals to see and to realize their full potential. It is to help individuals realize that they have overcome and defeated so much in life and to truly believe that with Gods help, they can truly be anything that they desire to be. I believe that life is never done and that we are on a journey. This passion is what birthed Yoyisa Consulting. Yoyisa Consulting is a place for individuals to come as their authentic selves, a safe place, a place to grow, a place to remember that one is never alone, a place to dream and a place to be.

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