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Women of Reverence welcomes Mlaleli Godi as a guest blogger for Fathers Day Month.

Mlaleli Godi is single and content! . He is a qualified IT Technician and a professional painter. Mlaleli serves as a Deacon , Ministry and Homegroup Leader at Gateway City Church in Alexandra Township, Johannesburg.

He is passionate about the Word of God and worship. Give him the pulpit to preach the good news and his unstoppable! Like any other young man, he enjoys a variety of sports but soccer is number one!

In our black community, growing up without a father is something that has become the norm. Sometimes when you talk about it, it doesn't really shock anyone because most people have been through it. Growing up without knowing my biological father was a big challenge for me because I didn't have that father-son bond – that’s something that I have never experienced. There were times when I wasn't proud of myself; I would ask myself how someone could be proud, knowing that he didn’t have a biological father like other children. That made me feel unworthy, valueless and like other children in my community were better than I was. I felt like I was nothing and didn’t deserve anything in life.

Because of all these emotions, I became more and more bitter. However, the amazing thing was that the people around me couldn’t see it because I was always trying to hide it – inside, however, I was broken beyond repair. Anger was really controlling me. I remember some days I would wake up and not feel like talking to anyone. During that period, I had no friends because of fear; I thought that friends might judge me and laugh at me. Some people did. I never thought that one day I would have peace. Above all, thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord, because ever since I accepted Jesus and knew that God is my father, the burden was taken away. From there, I had peace that surpasses all understanding within me (Phillipians 4:7). I knew that he is the Father to the fatherless (Deuteronomy 10:18 and Psalm 68:5). That gave me courage and even strength to move on and forget about my past. Really, the burden was lifted up.

God has fathered and restored me in so many amazing ways. He has raised many spiritual fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters around me, who are willing to help, always there for me and encourage me to do better in life. God has become my earthy father. In need, in hardship and in any challenge, I always lift my eyes unto Him, knowing that He is my father. He is the one who provides.

My encouragement is: no matter what you are going through in life, God is always there for you. All you to do is to TRUST HIM. There are times where you need to trust God even if you feel that there is no reason to do so. Continue trusting in Him. Blessings


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1 Comment

Joseph Dhlamini
Joseph Dhlamini
Jun 12, 2020

Amazing Testimony which is so needed in the times now. Indeed our God is good! Thanks Mla

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