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Gratitude is my Attitude by Dr Alice Erero

What a privilege it is to be alive today!

That is my attitude for every day! The first thing I think or say every day is, “God loves me.” This wasn’t always the case. I wasn’t always a grateful person but I think that attitude of gratitude was cultivated in me by my parents. I just love to listen to my dad’s stories about how he grew up and all the challenges he faced, from becoming a man from the age of 6, where he had to build a house for his family, to walking a total of 40 km a day to and from school (primary school through to varsity). All these stories just make me think of how blessed I am. I don’t have to walk to work; God blessed us with comfortable cars. My parents are still alive and I have the privilege of still staying with them. My family is healthy and I have 3 wonderful siblings.

These are just some of the beautiful thoughts that run through my mind when I think of how good God is. God loves me – it just sets the mood of the day. I think gratitude and thanksgiving allow me to focus on my blessings and the goodness of God because He has been so good to me. I am a Chiropractor, by profession, and I’ve dealt with so many different cases. One case that I will never forget is my 13-year-old patient with cerebral palsy. Her name is Keratilwe. She’s just so beautiful and would always brighten up my day with her beautiful smile. She is paralyzed. She can’t walk on her own but she has strong arms. She came for treatment 3 times a week, for 3 weeks. She didn’t end up walking after the sessions but we built such a strong bond that I really see her as my little sister. I still pray for her complete healing and I believe that, one day, she will walk into my office to testify of God’s greatness. Every time I think of Keratilwe, I thank God that I can walk on my own and speak without difficulty. I don’t take walking for granted. Sometimes I do jumping jacks in my room and office just to show God how grateful I am that I can move freely.

I think gratitude is a state of heart and mind. In all my conversations, I like to include gratitude, like when a friend tells me about how well she did in something, I say, “Praise God!” or “Thank God!”

It has become my language. Thanksgiving also creates joy in my heart, floods of great memories and hope for the future. God really loves me! That’s the thought and phrase that keeps a smile on my face. I think just meditating on God’s goodness makes me grateful. He sent his Son Jesus on the cross to die for me. Wow! He didn’t have to, but He did! That truth makes me so grateful and thankful. My life is a blessing and every detail is an expression of God’s love for me.

The fact that I can see is just the best thing. 2020 vision is not a right. Not everyone has great sight so I look on purpose so I can say, “God, thank you so much for giving me great sight! I can see!” I don’t take good health for granted and I am so grateful that I am healthy. I want everyone else to enjoy their good health on purpose and to know that just because you can brush your teeth on your own or you wake up headache-free, it doesn’t mean it’s “normal” and that’s how life is for everyone.

I am grateful to be alive today and God loves me!

Dr Alice Erero is a Doctor of Chiropractic, singer and songwriter practising at the East Rand Chiropractic Clinic as well as operating her own House Call Practice called Erero Chiropractic. She was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and arrived in South Africa at the tender age of two with her mom and older brother in 1994. Her dad arrived a year earlier looking for a better life for his family. She has three siblings and her parents serve God as Pastors at The Church of the Living God in De deur. Dr Alice is a lead singer at Cornerstone Church and her dream is to travel around the world ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ through song. She released an album in 2012 after winning a singing competition called Active Star. She has also worked with a variety of artists and released Afrocentric House tracks. She enjoys listening to gospel music, song writing, spending time in the word of God and spending time with her family and friends. A fun fact about Dr Alice is that she likes impersonating people and speaking in different accents. Dr Alice is a kind person and loves to encourage those around her.

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