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Women of Reverence welcomes Freedom Nzimande as a guest blogger for Women' Month.

Freedom Nzimande is an experienced Project Manager, with a demonstrated history of working in Organization, such as the Provincial Office of the Premier.

He is skilled in Coaching, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Development and Conflict Resolution. He is a strong Program and Project Management professional, with a Diploma focused in Human Resource Management, a Certificate in Systematic Theology and a Higher Certificate in Adult Basic Education.

He works for One Life Foundation as the Project Manager and is pastoring a church site in Impophomeni, where he focuses on community projects and preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

What makes him different from other young leader is that his background was tough, but he chose to use it as something that motivated him to fight for success. His biggest dream is to LIVE A LIFE THAT WILL GIVE HOPE TO THOSE WHO ARE STILL BATTLING and to see every person come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.

He is married to Melba Nzimande and they are blessed with one strong boy, who is 20 months old. His name is Lungizungezile Luthando LukaJehova Nzimande.

Our South African President said in his speech, on the 17th of June, “As a country, we find ourselves in the midst of not one, but two devastating pandemics. Although very different in their nature and cause, they can both be overcome if we work together, if we each take personal responsibility for our actions and if we each take care of each other.” The first pandemic our president was referring to is the corona-virus and the second is gender-based violence – a topic that is very close to my heart.

One day, I was driving through town and I approached the busiest robot in the city. It happened that my eyes were focused on a particular spot while driving and I saw a man roughly grabbing a woman in front of him. She started to scream. As it is a busy part of town, one would assume that the lady would immediately get help. But people became spectators to her pain: some looked, some laughed and some shyly walked away. Some even took images and videos. To my shock, even men were standing passively instead of protecting her. I remember pulling my car off the road and nearly hitting a city bin. I immediately jumped out of the car and went to rescue the lady.

The man who was attempting to physically assault her got angry and ran away. I picked the lady up from the ground, she thanked me, and she walked straight to the rank. I remember driving away from that scene angry and disappointed, and asking myself: what times are we living in, where people do such things to women? I questioned the fact that society is open to be spectators to the brutal treatment of women and children. I reflected that this is an occurrence that takes place every day, everywhere across our country.

As a believer, I really love what the Bible says about this, with special attention to men.

When God created the male figure, he gave him masculine features, which are inclusive of physical strength. God made the man to be physically strong so that he could be in a position to protect his family and the weak, not to infringe on them. I believe that when a man uses his masculinity according to the purpose of God, it glorifies the Lord. As men, we aren’t made stronger so that we can take advantage of the weak, but rather protect and support them. When I am around, my wife must feel safe, not scared of me. When my son talks about me at school, he must be proud of his dad, who is strong and protects him as his father, and supports his mom.

Ephesians 5:25 encourages husbands to love their wives. It doesn’t just encourage us to love with our abilities or by copying our earthly fathers (because that is faulty) but, instead, it takes it to the next level when it directs us to love like Christ.

Whenever I read this chapter, it keeps me thinking hard. Imitating Jesus isn’t as easy as you think. Loving like Jesus does His church is the best way to protect ourselves and those whom we love. How does Jesus love His church? The first thing Jesus did is that He left Heaven and died for the world. This means – as men – if we want to love, we need to first die to the flesh. Our ego must die, our stubbornness must die and all inappropriate attitudes of what women should and shouldn’t be must die. Attitudes such as, “No woman can tell me what to do”, “No woman can disagree with me” and “No woman can tell me that she doesn’t love me anymore” all need to die so that we learn to love like Christ.

His love is perfect, slow to anger, patient, kind and it keeps no record of wrong.

As men, I believe that we need to start loving this way. When the Bible says we need to love like Christ, it means that we need to be people who are able to forgive and keep no record of wrong. When we don’t forgive, it leads us to wrongdoing, every time. When we read John 8, we see Jesus standing up for a woman. The people of the city, including men, brought a woman who was about to be stoned, before Jesus. I believe that, as men, we need to protect our women and children.

Loving like Jesus is costly but Jesus has paid the entire price.

Be Blessed


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