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Faith Is Spelt "Risk" - By Cheryl Coyne

Women of Reverences welcomes Cheryl Coyne as a guest blogger.

Cheryl is a widowed , retired mom of three lovely girls. She is living in Scottburgh with her mom of 84 yrs old. We live in a laidback community. I belong to a 'living it out' Christian family, loving and supportive.

I am a florist owner, truly excited for this very new season, bringing happiness, consolation and kindness through flowers, cards and genuine care.

Hosea 14:4-7 I will heal you, I will love you, I will nourish you, I will revive you, For in Me is your help. It's been difficult to write this and yet it ought not to be, as its been the working out of God's wonderful ways in my latter years.

Moved to the south coast three years ago under His direction. Each day on my way to my stretch of sand in the sun I felt a prompting to visit Dorothy's. Never did that first year.

Now, Dorothy's is a florist, been around for 40 years. Flowers have been a life-long love and I have dabbled in floristry for many years! The appointment day arrived and I went in, found myself working three mornings a week and having a tremendous time, for no pay, I might add, yet marvelling at how God , in my retirement, had given me such a pleasurable opportunity. A couple of months floated by as I ambled down the flowery path arriving at a dead end, on hearing that the shop had been sold yet again. But God....

The newcomers offered me a floristry course including wedding arrangements AND a permanent position, with pay! Grabbing the gift with both hands I entered school- what a time God orchestrated, in my retirement heaven! All that occurred a year ago...

Then one crazy Monday morning the shop was put up for sale and first option to purchase was offered me. God's gob-smacking proposal ! A long time friend and pastor always said 'faith is spelt 'r i s k', now I'm no risk taker! After much prayer and consulting with God's people, stepping out of the no risk boat! I became owner of Dorothy's, hear this, at half the amount that it had been bought for, a year previously...... . only my Father.

That was the 1st March 2020. Lockdown on the 27th! Every facet of the world in a turmoil including little Dorothy's and me. Father had I heard you correctly... How can this be.... Only 3 weeks of trade but 6 weeks of wages to find?

Walking on the water of a sound and age-old business was easy and now I was sinking, over these past weeks, there has been a plethora of emotions BUT time alone with the Lover of my soul and a church family that goes way and beyond, I have come to a place where He is continuous, He is forever, He is non-shifting, He is all-knowing.. and He WILL. Hosea 14:4-7.

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