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Defining your purpose; the Mission or the Master? by Robynne De Wet

If I were to ask you to define your purpose, what would you say?

Could you sum it up in three words?

For 400 years, the people of Israel found their purpose in slavery. They worked themselves to the bone, building an empire that they would never enjoy. Then God sent Moses to deliver His people from slavery. And the Israelites were catapulted into a season of autonomy.

God gave the Israelites a set of ten words to live by as they walked through the wilderness. And these ten words formed the foundation and framework of their new identity as children of God. The ten commandments were a sign of freedom for the Israelite nation. But soon, their new-found freedom led to a lifestyle of licentiousness and lawlessness.

The problem is that the Israelites, like you and me, too often found their purpose in the mission and not in the Master. We find our purpose in what occupies our hands and satisfies our hearts. We are driven by a need to succeed and survive.

Where do you find your purpose?

In the garden of Eden, before sin entered the world, Adam and Eve enjoyed a face-to-face relationship with the Lord. Today, we can approach the throne of grace with boldness because of the great sacrifice of Jesus Christ. And in so doing, we are able to enter into the most Holy place. This is our purpose – to know Him intimately and then to make Him known to others.

When we define our destiny, our reason and our purpose in ‘whose’ we are – then we will never be shaken by the shackles of this world.

My husband and I served the church in a leadership position for many years. And when that season came to an end, I felt lost and lonely. I began to question my purpose and God’s plan for our lives. I knew that God had orchestrated the end of our season, and the beginning of a new season for us in a new community. But I got so caught up in the plan that I had anticipated for our lives, that I had forgotten the Person who had called me to partner with Him in His grand story.

I faced a similar season, when my kids went back to school after two years of homeschooling. I felt purposeless, a somewhat premature empty nest syndrome. I got caught up in my motherhood mission, and the mission became the bedrock of my identity.

God revealed to me that our purpose and our reason need to be rooted in Jesus – the person of Jesus. So often, we can confuse the purpose of Christ with the person of Christ. We confuse the mission with the Master; we confuse the assignment to serve with the act of seeking hard after God.

Our sole purpose as Jesus followers is to know Him first, to grow in our salvation, to grow in intimacy and maturity in our relationship with Christ. It’s out of this place that we walk into the purposes He has for us. But it’s important to remember that we don’t find our identity in the purposes of God, but rather the person of Christ. He is the bread of life, the light of the world, the foundation of our salvation. When we partner with Him in doing His work on earth, it’s counted as a privilege. But let’s not mistake the privilege as our sole purpose.

Our purpose is the pursuit of God; to know Him more deeply than anyone we’ve ever known.

Our purpose is to enjoy the presence of God; the Spirit of God now lives in us.

Our purpose is to partner with God; make disciples of the great gospel message.

Song of Songs 2:10

My beloved spoke and said to me, “Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, come with me.”

I believe that we are in a season where Jesus is calling the church back into an intimate relationship with Him. He wants to make Himself known to us in a deeper, more real and more tangible way than ever before. He’s beckoning us to come away with Him, into the secret place, just us and Him, engaging in an intimacy that we’ve yet to discover.

“There is more,” He says.

There is more of Him. And it’s available to us, if we seek Him. If we search for Him, He will be found by us.

"There is more,” He says!

Jeremiah 29:13

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

Meditate on these scriptures and reflect on what The Lord is saying to you today:

• Micah 6:8

• 2 Timothy 1:9

• Exodus 9:16

Women of Reverence welcomes our regular contributor Robynne de Wet.

I am passionate about being a helpmeet and a homemaker. I love Jesus and His Word. My hobbies include journaling, writing, and reading (when I’m not making tea bottles, sandwiches, or supper)

I adore my husband and my children and I believe that God wants to re-commission Godly women who understand the privilege and passion of hospitality and homemaking, teaching Gods Word and training up the next generation in the way they should go!

I write on my blog called Robynne Writes. I write about all things relevant to understanding the heart of Jesus for our everyday lives. I believe that God invites us and beckons us in to a deeper relationship with Him. Everyday, every minute, every moment is an opportunity to draw near to the Father, lean into Him and grow deeper in faith.

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