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Dear Heart - by Colette Meyer

Dear Heart,

You’ve been bruised, broken and bullied. You have hurt so violently that you’ve begged for merciful release, and yet you beat on.

My dear one, today I whisper courage, strength and LOVE into your weary brokenness.

Philemon 1: 25 TPT “May the unconditional love of the Lord Jesus, the Anointed One, be with your spirit!”

Look up, dear heart, and gaze into the loving eyes of your Father. Cry your tears on the shoulders of the ONE who carried the pain on your behalf. Follow His divine example of loving in the face of rejection. Forgiveness in the place of offence. Silence instead of retaliation.

And for the pain… massage the healing Word of God into your aching muscles. Let the whispers of the Holy Spirit drown out the shouts of the enemy. And as you lift your hands to worship the author of life, the one who IS LOVE and not just a counterfeit, a mere copy ready to break down and never to be revived, let the love of God be your guide, be your salvation, be your healing, your restoration.

Psalm 34:18 TPT “The Lord is close to all whose hearts are crushed by pain, and he is always ready to restore the repentant one.”

And so, dear heart, you have been broken but you will recover. Be brave, dare to love again. Dear heart, beat on. Beat on, even when all seems hopeless, beat on… and dare to love again.

A prayer of the heart:

Father, today I choose to love again, to be a vessel for you to pour your love out to others. Take my brokenness, my pain, my fear. Bring your healing oil and wash me clean once again. Where I have been crushed, breathe. Breathe your life. As I lift my arms and worship You, saturate me in the perfume of your love, let me be a beautiful aroma to all those around me. Let the fragrance of your love envelop us in your warm embrace. In Your beautiful name, Jesus, Amen!

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