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Book Review: Wounded, Broken and Healed in Love By Yolande S'phelele Boamah

Pain…who understands you? Only those you hold captive… When pain touches a person, no one can understand. No one, except those who have been in the same position. Those who have sat in the person’s seat and worn their shoes, the kind that pinch and cause bleeding. Not the bleeding that dries up and heals, but the kind that stops, only to start again at the least expected moments. That person lives, talks, smiles and laughs. They even forget about it for a while, thinking it’s gone…Yolande has gone through heartache and pain from a young age. The source, she was to later find out, was from generations past. Hidden untreated wounds slowly festered and suffocated her from within as she got older. She lived her life trying to deny what she was going through. She suffered from horrible migraines for more than 20 years as a result. Having tried all she could to fill the void within, she only found solace when she gave her life to Christ and surrendered to being transformed by His great love. In this book, she shares, step by step, not only about her childhood but about her journey of faith and the wisdom that led to her healing... Yolande and her husband Emmanuel are co-founders and head pastors of World Evangelistic and Healing Ministries. Their ministry is based in Wentworth, Durban, South Africa. As a church, they also offer pre-marital, marriage, child, sexual and HIV/ AIDS Counselling. Yolande has a Diploma in Human Resources Management. Yolande’s greatest passion is to share with others the love that Christ has also given to her.

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Reviewed by:

Shannon Davis

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I love all things pretty. I love music and enjoy watching shows on renovations or make-overs, and that can be from cars to houses to people. I would call myself a bit of a daydreamer married to a pioneer.

What drew you to read this book?

I love books and love to read books from authors I don't know of.

What impact did this book make on your life?

It opened my eyes to what a lot of women go through in South Africa. As women we need to stand together and help each other. Violence is something that is not often spoken about and I love that the Author has been open and real about her home life, exposing many homes, where families live one way in private and yet in public handle themselves so carefully.

What is the main point of this book?

To walk you through dealing with pain, hurt and emotional baggage and to deal with it and through it with the love of Jesus Christ. It inspires and encourages. It opens up a thought process of how your own children and reading the family home dynamic and to keep communication open with them to talk through their hurts and disappointments.

Who would benefit from reading this book?

I have already got a young lady in mind that I will purchase this book for. I especially realised that when the author spoke of her going for counselling although she was being heard she wasn't being understood. I think this book helps you to unpack your own emotional hurt while reading what she went through and it brings healing. So it is for us all....

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