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Book Review: The Fire In My Bones - Burning Everything Religion Taught me By Nobuntu Webster

This Beautifully written and raw book has been chosen as Women of Reverence Book of the Month November 2020

The Fire In My Bones opens up a can of “holy” worms, taking an honest look at our beliefs about God and each other across color, economic and gender lines. Nobuntu Webster uses poignant personal experiences as a child, as a teenager and as a Black African woman in the church to surface hard -hitting issues.

The book dates to pose questions on practices and beliefs in the Christian faith which have broken generations, segregated communities and alienated modern believers.

Immersed in scripture and sprinkled with comical anecdotes, this book challenges religion, racism, patriarchy, and poverty writhing outside the church; and is a stirring for restoration.

It is an insightful resource for those wanting to engage on long held and perhaps faulty beliefs; those who need inspiration for their faith journey bans those who wish to seek out correct interpretation of scripture for an authentic relationship with God.

Reviewed by:

Keamogetswe Molebalwa

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I am deaconess at Gateway City Church. I am a qualified CA(SA) who specializes in taxation. I am also a financial coach who is passionate about sharing financial wisdom on how to live free from financial anxiety due to debt and other financial limitations.

What drew you to read this book:

A friend shared it with me but I also intrigued by the remainder of the title " burning everything religion taught me".

What impact did this book have:

It has opened my eyes to the systems incorporated in churches which at times hinder our walk with Christ. It makes one realize that it is ok to question systems and long standing rituals performed in churches but in questioning to also understand the reasons behind them if possible find the biblical reference to them. There is so much that happens in the church that at times we miss such as brokenness of people or swiping issues under the carpet that affect our walk with Christ and others walk with Christ.

In a paragraph, what is the main point:

This book is about the journey of the author growing up in church, her observations with regard to the systems implemented in the churches. She touches on sensitive and heart-wrenching issues that we at times miss as the church. At times there are deeper issues that we miss. The author embarked on the journey of questioning or rejecting some norms of the church. She encourages people not to let systems and norms hinder our relationship with the Lord. Her inquisitive mind and journey and forsaking the religions and issues that sometimes are ignored, actually open her heart and eyes to have an intimate relationship with the Lord. She emphasizes on the point that we as the people are the church and not the buildings.

Who would benefit from reading this book?:

Anyone who has been hurt by the "church". Anyone who has back-slided and would want to rekindle their fire for Christ. Anyone who has been burning issues or questions about how churches operate and whether they address socio-economic issues.

Star Rating?:


All comments are the reviewers own.

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