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Book Review: Seeing Beautiful Again Author: Lysa Terkeurst

I deeply understand that when unexpected hurt shatters the way we thought our life would be today, we can easily start to become guarded with others and skeptical of God.

But can I share with you something I've personally discovered?

Right now in the middle of what is breaking your heart - that aching pain you feel - it is actually proof that there's a beautiful remaking in process.

You see, seeing beautiful again is not about mustering up enough courage to make something better or overriding your feelings to pretend you are fine when you're crying yourself to sleep at night. It is about opening your eyes to the breathtaking goodness already in front of you that no one else can taint, or steal, or blur from your vision. Through these 50 devotions inside, I will personally share how I survived my own heartbreak, while inviting you to hope again.

In the middle of the pain you didn't cause, the change you didn't want, or the reality you didn't know was coming...your life can still be beautiful.

Because with God there is always more than we see being worked out behind the scenes.

Reviewed by:

Yolandé Vincent

Tell us a bit about yourself:

By trade, I am a hairstylist and make-up artist as well as a qualified Christian-counsellor. Coco Chanel said “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”…I love that I get to play a part in women’s lives in changing their hair for the better. I’ve been married to Michael for 9 years and am a dog-mom to three special needs rescue dogs (special needs in the sense of rescue dogs can often be complicated and we’ve got 3 of them). My husband and I have the privilege of serving on the Eldership team at Venture Church in Fairland, Johannesburg. It truly is a privilege to journey with people and walking out all God has for them.

Name of Book:

Seeing beautiful again


Lysa Terkeurst

What drew you to read this book:

I was asked to review this book. In my natural I wouldn't choose a Devotional, but... WOW!

What impact did this book have on your life:

This book had amazing, life changing truths in it. If ever we think others don't know how hard it is in these deep, dark valleys, think again... Lysa has walked it, lived it and has shared with us how to stand victorious. God uses each and everyone one of our stories to help and encourage others.

In a paragraph, what is the main point of the book:

Lysa continuously reminds us through these 50 Devotions, that God is working all things for the good of those who love Him. Because of His work in us, through us and around us, we can see beautiful again. She addresses the lies we believe, wrong mindsets, blurred vision, unmet expectations and disappointments. She then takes us on a journey of understanding grace, the importance of forgiveness, God's goodness, a new way to walk and a new way to see. Each devotion is supported with scriptures and ends with a prayer of surrender. Lysa reminds us that we always need Jesus to see beautiful again.

Who would benefit from reading this book:

Anyone who has ever experienced unexpected hurt and disappointment, whether in life, loss, relationships, health or marriage.

Star Rating?:

All comments are writers own.

Published by Thomas Nelson and distributed by Struik Christian Media.

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