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Name of Book: Royal Comeback Author: Chantell Davis

This South African, inspirational story of how Jesus can radically change our lives has been chosen as the Women of Reverence Book of the Month for July.

In her authentic, fearless, and relatable memoir, Chantell Davis invites readers into her world, recounting the traumatic and terrifying as well as the remarkable and supernatural events that shaped her life on her journey from childhood insecurity to eternal identity.

“One of the things that makes this book so captivating is Chantell’s ability to take us through her transformation journey. Each step of her testimony is backed by rich, biblical truth, carefully woven through it. Making this not only an enjoyable read - but powerfully relatable too.”André & Jenny RoebertPresident & Founders of Faith Broadcasting Network

"Real is rare - and this is what I read. This is what makes Royal Comeback so anointed. A life story that speaks about authenticity! It is a story of hope and love. No matter your past, Jesus stands with arms wide open to take us into our true identity. This Comeback is waiting for all of us. Chantell's story brings Kingdom down to earth for everyone that opens their heart."Retah McPherson, New York Times Bestselling Author of A Message from God and International Speaker

"Interwoven through Chantell's transparent and riveting story of her Royal Comeback are the tools for your very own comeback. By the end, you haven't just been inspired by her journey; you've been equipped for yours. This remarkable story of brokenness to overcomer is told in such a way that will leave you knowing that, no matter what life has dished out, you too can overcome."Rhonda Spencer - Author, International Speaker, and Pastor of His Tabernacle Family Church

"Chantell Davis is a true Christian. Kind in her dealings with everyone. What she has to impart from her life is very much worth receiving." - Jonathan Shuttlesworth – Evangelist and Founder of Revival Today

No one can read this book without experiencing a profound transformation. Witty yet wise, reminiscing yet revelatory, Royal Comeback is a revolutionary tool that reintroduces God's "ancient principles" that has the ability not only to transform the lives of individuals, but families, communities, and entire nations. Among other things, it openly deals with the following topics:

Rejection The ace up the enemy's sleeve is rejection. Discover the truth, as this lie is exposed, and the steps to an unshakable foundation are revealed.

Wellness Goals The yo-yo cycle stops here! Get ready for "total transformation" of body, soul, and spirit. Discover the keys to loving who you see in the mirror.

Identity & Purpose There's a reason why you never feel worthy and appreciated. Discover your true and unshakeable identity - never desiring man's approval ever again.

Motherhood Are you struggling with the demands placed upon you as a mother? Learn how to become an abiding mom who finds her purpose and reward in the Lord.

Blessing Generations The principle of blessing has been overlooked and misunderstood. Rediscover the keys to generational success and prosperity.

Marriage & Family Marriage is sacred, unbreakable, and beautiful. Discover the keys to a fulfilling and lasting marriage that leads to a blessed and thriving family.

Prosperity Break the cycle of more month at the end of your money. Discover divine principles to financial overflow that allow you to be blessed to be a blessing.

Reviewed by:

Dedre Zuidersma

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I am a 29 year old woman who enjoys baking, doing pilates and going for a run. I am a wife, a mom of a 18 month old girl, and currently pregnant with our second child. I love seeing how Jesus still molds and prunes my life on a daily basis, even if it's really hard sometimes. Thank You Jesus for not being done with me!

Name of Book:

Royal Comeback


Chantell Davis

What drew you to read this book:

A friend told me that the testimony Chantell shares in her book is completely worth the read.

What impact did this book have:

It is so inspiring and amazing to see how Jesus radically changes someone's life forever. This book reminded me that is doesn't matter where you come from and what background you have, you are called and sought after by Jesus.

In a paragraph, what is the main point of the book:

In this book Chantell Davis, a South African woman, shares her personal walk from childhood to where she is now. She shares with the reader her personal struggles and how God changed her life and the way she taught about herself and the impact she has on others. Chantell also shares 'Godly principles' and challenges and inspires the reader to apply these principles in their own lives.

Who would benefit from reading this book:

Any woman who wants to be inspired and reminded that she is called and sought after by Jesus, regardless of her background or where she is in her life at the moment. Chantell discovered her eternal identity she has in Christ, an eternal identity each one of us has, if we allow God to minister to us and let Him stay King over each part of our lives.

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