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Book Review: Redeeming the Time Author: Cleopatra N Phakathi

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

This book intends to get you out of the rut for a moment to reflect on how you have been investing time, reflect on your purpose, and redeem the time by fulfilling your purpose now.

With most parts of the world, including South Africa, having been on lock-down due to the pandemic, I am certain that most of us were faced with several self-introspection questions. One of the questions I had was: if there was a possibility that I would not live beyond this pandemic, would I be at peace leaving this world at this moment? My answer to this question was a big NO because I felt that there is so much I still had to offer in this lifetime.

Reality is that most of us go on with our lives as if we own time and have all the time in the world, forgetting that time is given to us and that it may be cut off at any point. This book, Redeeming The Time, is meant to take you on a journey that acknowledges life and everything else that you are spending your time on, yet reminds you to focus on your purpose which is core to your existence in this world. The book makes one understand that time is a significant gift given to all of us, whilst making some suggestions on maximising time.

After reading this book, you will definitely get to see and experience time differently. May you be inspired to unleash your purpose, pursue that which you have been putting off and thus redeem your time.

Reviewed by:

Yamkela Pan

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I am a pastor's wife, a mother to three energetic boys, Logistics Administrator and an entrepreneur. I love the Lord dearly and am passionate about women's ministry and making Christ known through praise and worship.

Name of Book:

Redeeming the Time


Cleopatra N Phakathi

What drew you to read this book:

I had been feeling overwhelmed and really struggling to juggle all the hats that I was wearing. I always felt like there were not enough hours in the day to do what I needed to do.

What impact did this book have on your life?:

This book helped me to live in the moment and treasure the time that I have when doing a specific task. It helped me to enjoy time...which was difficult for me because I was always rushing to the next. I remember one day, I took myself out for a milkshake and read a book which is something that I would have never done before.

In a paragraph, what is the main point of this book?:

This book is all about maximising your time and it gives the reader specific nuggets on how to do that. It encourages you to look at your past and find the areas where you have struggled to let go of the 'should have' and 'could have'. Through her own story, Cleo helps the reader to do a thorough inspection so that they can let go of the past and live life in the now while aiming toward the future. Without giving out too much, one of my favourite parts in the book which I have highlighted because it really hit home reads as follows "I cannot explain the past, I cannot dwell much on the future either, but I have something that I can say and do much about, and that is NOW. Don't remain a prisoner of the past by failing to recognize the power of the present moment."

Who would benefit from reading this book?:

This book is suitable for anyone who is struggling to let go of their past. It is for those who want to maximise their time, who feel like there is not enough time in the day and definitely for those who desire to change their perspective on time. After reading this book you will see and appreciate time from a new perspective.

Star Rating?:

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