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Book Review: Radical Dads by Dr Steve Buys

All dads want their children to grow up with good principles, values, integrity and confidence.

Reviewed by:

Melissa Burger

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Follower of Christ, Wife, Sister, Aunt, Friend, Road runner, Hiker, Karate student, part-time Unisa student and therapist.

What drew you to read this book? I heard Dr Buys talking about this book on Focus on the Family on Impact Radio. 

What impact did this book make on your life? This book has reminded me again of the precious privilege but also enormous task we all have when working with young lives. I do not think this book is for dads only, but I will get to that later. Dr Buys reminds us time and again of the heart of God the Father and of how children of all ages will have the impression of God as Father, based on what they experience from their earthly fathers, parents, adult caregivers. 

What is the main point of this book? The book is a very short, easy-to-read self-help guide for fathers but really for mothers and anyone who cares for, or works with, children of all ages. Dr Buys gives characteristics of different types of dads. He then explains why is it so important for a child’s emotional well-being and spiritual growth as a believer that a dad aligns himself with the “radical dad” Godly values and he supports these with verses of Scripture. Then he gives easy to follow, practical examples that anyone can implement immediately to start to make an alignment change right there and then. The beauty is that one does not need to first finish the whole book to begin to apply the learning, you are learning and growing the whole time as you go along. 

Who would benefit from reading this book? I think this would be a wonderful gift for a dad-to-be or a Father’s Day gift for any dad, but  even for moms or any adult caring for children. I am not a dad or parent, but I learnt much about my own impressions of the Father and also of how to treat children with love and respect in giving direction or discipline. It is a short book and so it is perfect even for non-reading dads or for moms to read to dad. It has so many useful tips and quotes that I actually wish I could just type out a few pages here to give readers a taster of this powerful little book. And the added bonus for slow readers or those who do  not have much time to read, is that you find a useful bit of advice either to ponder or to apply on every page; so one does not need to finish the whole book to learn from it – wisdom comes right from page one.

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