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Book Review: More Than Just A Girl Author: Irene Isiguzo

A young lady is in a period of transition. She often finds the many processes involved in this transition challenging, scary, confusing, at times weird. She finds herself caught in a tough battle between who God designed her to be & what others & the world around her pressure her to be. Many girls caught in this battle are wounded, scarred for life and tragically some do not live to tell their stories.

This book seeks to address issues such as: Peer-pressure, self-acceptance, lesbianism, dating, teenage pregnancy, abortion, sexual harassments and much more and at the same time answer questions such as: Who am I?, What is Gods purpose for my life?, How can i overcome peer pressure?, How do i deal with sexual harassment & abuse?, How do i recover my virginity after i have lost it?, What is love? How do I recognize true from fake love?, How can I be friends with boys & remain clean & pure?

Finally this book will help you discover a truth that will set you free to soar- That you are much more than just a girl!!!

Reviewed by:

Godliness Natasha Njini

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I am a social introvert and fellowship with the people I share a common ground with brings about joy in my heart that I cannot explain.

Name of Book:

More than just a Girl


Irene Isiguzo

What drew you to read this book:

Recommended by my leader.

What impact did this book have on your life:

Where do I start? Irene Isiguzo wrote this book in awareness to what actually happens in a girl's life. Her passion to help young girls truly shows itself in this book. More than just a girl dives into the identity and the purpose that a girl has in Christ. It also tackles the challenges that girls face in society and internally. Irene identifies and clarifies the fight that exists in the world against what God says about girls. I felt seen and understood as a girl.

In a paragraph, what is the main point of the book:

More than just a girl, will make you so uncomfortable when reading it but it's worth it! The beautiful part about this book is that it looks beyond your comfort, it seeks to help young girls understand their stance, eliminate confusion and bring confidence regarding your actions and feelings over what people say or do in your life. Irene delves into how peers and family are great contributors to what actually affects a girl's decision making process and what her true identity is. What I also appreciated was the stories she used when she's about to hit you with some facts, she made the book relatable. It explains every sensitive topic the society has been avoiding or what people have considered taboo to discuss. "God wants you to have an excellent vision like that of an eagle," that's one of my favourite sentence from the book. Irene assures girls that it's perfectly fine to dream about the future and writing it down is the perfect solution. There shouldn't be limitations. The theme in this book is just educating girls on what goes on with their body, mind, soul and spirit. It also provides great solutions for what you may be going through, using practical discussions and guidelines to allow space for expression of thought.

Who would benefit from reading this book?:

This book is perfect for mothers as a way to open discussions with their daughters and young ladies so they can avoid the common mistakes/wrong thinking that girls make. It is great for pre-teen girls and teenagers in general. Very good book!!

Star Rating?:

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