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Book Review: Like a Flower in The Field

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

LIKE A FLOWER IN THE FIELD is a unique, contemporary devotional for women. It will help women from all walks of life to understand and know their identity and worth in Christ. It is written by a team of women who are all too familiar with the struggles women face daily: Angelique du Toit; Janine van Niekerk; Liesel Krause-Wiid; Ann Goodfellow and Cailin Leacock. Become the woman God created you to be.


This devotional offers practical advice and encouragement to overcome the obstacles holding them back from a life of abundance and be inspired to live as daughters of the King.

Like a Flower in the Field uses examples of various women from the Bible, and covers topics such as:

• You are . . . made to be creative

• You are . . . enough

• You are . . . a new creation

• You are . . . precious

• You are . . . unique

• You are . . . light

Every devotion also includes a “power thought” for the day as well as space to write down your own thoughts.

Available from leading booksellers nationwide, such as C.U.M. Books, Exclusive Books, Bargain Books, Wordsworth Books, PNA – As well as online at C.U.M. Books, Loot and Takealot.

Reviewed by:

Kamogelo Segoje

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Young student on a journey of getting to know CHRIST intimately. Dreaming of travelling the world with a book in my hand.

What drew you to read this book?

The title of the book seemed to be talking about me and every young woman who is looking to find herself in Christ. The simplicity in which the book is written appealed to me and I loved that there was a relevant prayer at the end of each page. This book was meant just for me.

What impact did this book have?

The book decoded the bible for me and the love that CHRIST has for me. It made me realize that only GOD can define who I am. I have just completed my studies and for a long time I have defined myself as an academic and all of a sudden this title was not enough anymore. I have been longing to know who I am outside of my studies and this book showed so many things that GOD has blessed me with in the person that HE has made me. It is such a fulfilling exercise to try and find out who you are in the context of CHRIST because I did not not have to look outside of myself, all I had to do was to look to CHRIST and choose to believe what HE says about me. When HE says that I was made in HIS image, that nothing will separate me from HIS love, that I am fearfully made... I believe HIM.

What is the main point of this book?

To encourage women to look to GOD for the definition of who we are. Just like a Flower, we can flourish in HIM. I love what the book says "Becoming the woman GOD created you to be"

Who would benefit from reading this book?

All the young women out there who feel judged for who they are or who they are not. To people like me who are looking to grow their relationship with CHRIST, to understand GOD's purpose in their lives and to find their identity in CHRIST.

Star Rating?

Published by Struik Christian Media.

All comments are the reviewers own.

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