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Book review: Let go of the Guilt – Stop beating yourself up and take back your joy By Valorie Burton

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Women of Reverence would like to thank Mellissa Burger for her Book Review find her review at the end of the page as well as getting to know her.

Break Your Guilt Habit! In Let Go of the Guilt, life coach and bestselling author Valorie Burton teaches you a simple, but profound method that will free you from what she calls the “false guilt” that is so common today.

As you peel back the layers, you’ll feel the burden lift. And that’s when you make room for your authentic self and the joyful life that is possible for you. Through her signature self-coaching process, powerful questions, and practical research, she shows you how to:

• recognize and overcome the five thought patterns of guilt,

• break the surprising habit that tempts you to subconsciously choose guilt over joy,

• stop guilt from sneaking its way into your everyday decisions and interactions,

• flip those guilt trips so you can keep others from manipulating you, and

• stop setting yourself up for stress, anxiety and obligation, and instead set yourself for a life of joy and freedom

Valorie’s journaling questions and research-based process will shift your perspective, give you clarity and courage, and equip you with a plan of action to let go of the guilt for good.

Published by Thomas Nelson and distributed by Struik Christian Media.

Reviewed by:

Melissa Burger

In a sentence tell us about yourself:

Follower of Christ, Wife, Sister, Aunt, Friend, Reader 😊, Runner, Hiker, Karate student, part-time Unisa student and therapist, lifelong learner, and lover of all things Christmas.

What drew you to read this book?

Guilt! 😊 Wanting to rid myself of the constant presence of that unwanted friend called guilt

What impact did this book make on your life?

I did not follow ALL the exercises to a point, because I was a bit pressed for time (apologies to the author) but, even so, I felt lighter and happier once I had finished the book. It quieted my guilt-tripping inner critic and gave me the ability to question her motives and see that voice for what it is – guilt. Being able to understand guilt in its’ different forms and pattern the guilt behaviour was extremely helpful to me. And knowing that I am part of a huge group of people who have a constant guilt voice running just like me, has been an amazing revelation to me.

In a paragraph what is the main point of the book?

What the title says – letting go of guilt. Valerie Burton is a life coach and uses life coaching skills and tips to take you through a process of examining your guilt, understanding your guilt, and addressing your guilt. Her tips and techniques are helpful, easy, and practical, do-able, and memorable and they make a difference.

Who would benefit from reading this book?

Women of all ages who suffer from guilt or not feeling good enough/that you have done enough/ that you do not compare or measure up. Read the book and do the easy work (really, this is one of the easiest to do self-help books I have ever read) it DOES make a difference!

Star rating:

5/5 because it is easy to read and easy to do the self-help exercises.

What is my next Book Review?

Not sure yet – and I am not even feeling guilty because I do not have an answer! 😊

The comments are the reviewers own.

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